Zao: My New Favourite Makeup Crush

Zao: My New Favourite Makeup Crush

You know those brands you hear loads of people raving about and you feel like the last Jenny on the block to know about these things? This is me. Regularly. First it happened with Skin Owl and now it happened again with Zao makeup. Like, could somebody give me an update on how to find out about these brands before everyone else does? #worstbeautybloggeroftheyear

Anyyyyyhoooo, I got to try Zao makeup for the first time recently and Oh to the M.G. it was amazing. The colour pay off was incredible, the highlight popped like it never has done before and I all round was soooo excited to try it that I had to do a GRWM and full face of first impressions for you because I was so excited about it.

Zao is a french makeup brand that was created by David Reccole who had over 10 years experience in the natural cosmetics world. And he thought about every part of the process. From the packaging being made out of bamboo so it is sustainable, to the ingredients used, the performance and ensuring the makeup was not only high quality, but lasting as well. And I was so excited to have the brand as part of The Glow Summit 2.0 because of how amazing the products performed. So not only did I want to talk about how amazing the products were, I wanted to show you through my YouTube vid that you can see below. Have you tried any of Zao before? Which is your favourite product?

Zao Sublim’ Soft Primer –

Zao Organic Concealer –

Zao Mineral Silk Loose Powder –

Zao Organic Compact Powder –

Zao Shine Up Powder –

Zao Organic Blush –

Zao Pearly Eyeshadow –

Zao Liquid Eyeliner –

Zao Mascara –

Zao Soft Touch Lipstick –


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