Why Your Natural Beauty Website Isn’t Converting

Natural Organic Skincare Business Marketing Tips

Ah, my natural beauty website…..

Let’s talk in riddles. Because it’s cute, clever and makes you think, right?! 

Er no. Let’s not talk in riddles because we are all short on time, tired, have way too many decisions to make and skincare is hard enough to figure out, so let’s just make this easy. 

Yet we don’t. 

We confuse the heck out of our potential customers through talking to them about whimsical journeys that we’ve been on, to try and give them a sense of where the ingredients have come from and where they will be taken to if they smell the product. 


Jokes. I know I’m being a little sarcastic here but I’m just trying to get the point across about our digital queendoms where we send our potential customers too. When they hit our natural beauty website, the first thing they need to see is something about how buying from you benefits them. 

So is it that you’re taking their pain away? Is there some kind of benefit that they are getting from doing business with you? What is the one thing that they will get if they decide to part with their hard earned pennies if they choose you over the next skincare brand? 

If you can do this, then you’ll help the potential customers start to think about you more seriously, and consider to purchase. If however, you’ve got some superflous language on there which makes the customer wonder why they should buy, then you’ve probably lost them and they won’t even bother scrolling down the page. 

So here’s a quick tip. 

Look at the ‘above the fold’ (that’s the top bit of your natural beauty website) part of your site, and ask yourself, ‘If I am a newbie to this website, is it clear what benefit I’m getting if I buy this product?’

If it’s not, think about changing the title and testing out something direct and benefit driven to see what the difference is. I’m sure it will have only a positive effect. 

Want to be the next Breakthrough Natural Beauty Brand?

Natural Organic Skincare Business
Natural Organic Skincare Business Marketing Tips

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