Why I switched to a menstrual cup

Why I switched to a menstrual cup

I get it. It’s not the most glamorous topic. But I wanted to talk about my period and why I switched to a menstrual cup.

I have for the most part always used organic tampons. It was my mum who first bought them for me years ago and she would go out of her way to buy them because they were difficult to get hold of (#bestmumever). Mum completely got the whole concept not putting unnecessary toxins into your body and I completely didn’t understand at the time why she was buying me ‘hippy’ tampons, but I went with it.

Fast forward many, many years later and I’m forever thankful to her for starting me on my natural journey and I’m so glad that buying natural tampons are way easier for people to get hold of. Until a couple of years ago, I honestly didn’t think too much about the waste side of things with regards to my period, I just used tampons and that was that. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year and learning some crazy facts about the waste that is caused by tampons and pads that really shocked me. On average, in one month, the average lady uses 22 pads or tampons per period. In a year that’s around 264 pads and tampons and over a ten year period 2640! That is absolutely crazy stats considering I got my period at the age 12 and I’m now 35 and I’m only one person. Now I hear you asking ‘so what?’ and it’s a great question, so let me answer it for you.

Firstly cotton is the main ingredient when creating period care products and it’s one of the worlds thirstiest crops, needing six pints of water to grow one of the buds. If you’re buying conventional tampons as well, then the likelihood of pesticides and insecticides being on the cotton and thus, on your tampon is high too. The second important thing to note is that most tampons contain other chemicals like dioxin and chlorine to help bleach the tampon to make it whiter than white which is not only going to affect the PH balance of your lady bits, but when that tampon ends up in landfill or rivers and seas, it takes centuries for it to degrade and those chemicals end up going into the earth and sea as well.

So I decided to channel my mum with her hippy tendencies this year and give the old menstrual cup a go. I won’t lie, the first time you try it, it’s a bit weird. But after my first week of using one, I was an absolute convert. Gone were my days of running out of tampons and having to make a mad dash to Boots to pick some up (my periods were ALWAYS a surprise to me because I never tracked them), banished were the days of leaking (sorry, TMI I know) and I didn’t have to perform the ‘up the sleeve’ magic trick when I needed to change my tampon.

So needless to say, I loved them, so started to look around at the different brands and what they offered. One of the brands OrganiCup, really caught my eye because they had thought about those ‘tricky’ moments of having a menstrual cup such as wanting to change your cup if you had left your cup in for 12 hours and were still out and about. They had not only created an amazing cup, but also some OrganiWipes which you could use to clean your cup in the toilet if it didn’t have a sink in there. I thought this was genius, especially because the number of questions I had from my friends about what to do when you needed to change your cup was crazy ridiculous. The wipes are biodegradable (of course), allergy friendly and contain no perfume which is handy because you don’t want to be popping something fragranced into yourself as that would cause a whole host of issues.

What I also loved about OrganiCup was the packaging has been created in such a thoughtful way. Every question you had about a menstrual cup had already been answered on the packaging. How to insert, take out, how long you could leave it in for, insertion diagrams, the works. The packaging to keep your cup in when you aren’t on your period is discreet and it was plastic free too. Hurrah!

So with all this care going into my period and ensuring that I was looking after myself and the environment, I also started thinking about what I was using everyday to help ensure I wasn’t throwing my body out of balance and started to use an intimate wash. OrganiWash is a perfume free, intimate wash for yourself and your cup. It’s just another way that OrganiCup have thought about their customer and I’m such a fan. So not only am I helping to save the environment a little bit, I’m also upping my self care routine too. Winner!

OrganiCup also kindly have given you a discount code! Just enter ‘GLOW18’ at the checkout to receive a lovely jubbly discount off your products. :0)

So I’d love to know, have you tried a menstrual cup before or any of their other products? Do let me know in the comments below.