The Must Haves from Vapour Organic Beauty

The Must Haves from Vapour Organic Beauty

Ever since I moved over to clean beauty, I’ve been obsessed with finding brands that are high quality, chic, luxurious and that last. My makeup look has never really changed however whether it was conventional beauty or clean beauty. It’s always been about keeping the base flawless, with some bronze and highlight to get that illustrious glow. It needs to be simple, quick and easy because no gal in their mid thirties has the time nor the inclination to spend an hour getting ready each morning. We have businesses to run, careers to follow and goals to smash.

I want my products to be simple, yet make me feel good when I look at the packaging, like I’m looking after myself by not only using products that are going to help my skin, but a brand that screams quality.  And I consistency get this with Vapour. They aren’t your average ‘green’ beauty brand. Yes, the packaging is made out of recycled fibre with printed soy ink, made with wind power and using 70% organic ingredients, but it feels refined, grown up and French beauty chic.

There are a few staples that have made it into my makeup bag recently, especially as autumn has arrived which I wanted to share with you, which will hopefully keep you glowing throughout the whole of winter (or summer, depending on where you are!).

Halo Illuminator

Moonlight 720

Life always has to start with a glow. Which is why I had to start with the Vapour Hallo Illuminator that I’ve been using recently since I ran out of my last powder highlighter. This is a cream highlighter which is perfect for when your skin feels a little drier and putting more powder on your face won’t do anything to help that glow. It’s lightweight, contains frankincense, lotus and tulsi to help soothe and protect your skin and really does help to add a subtle shimmer to your everyday. It’s an absolute staple for your makeup bag because it can be used as a highlighter on your cheekbones, brow bones and also across your lids as a wash of light colour. My ‘go-to’ is to place the highlighter directly onto my cheekbones and then use my ring finger to smooth out any harsh lines for the ultimate glowy look.

Aura Multi Use Blush

Courtesan 213

It’s been a minute since I’ve used blush because summer was so lovely that I just didn’t feel I needed it. Autumn is a different story though. Not only am I fake tanning more because I’ve turned into Casper the friendly ghost, but I’m also adding colour to my cheeks to help me appear a little more awake and fresh when I need it (which is ALL the time at the mo). The Aura Multi Use Blush is a cult favourite and an award winner that I use regularly on my cheeks or lips. It’s moisturising, blends easily so there’s no ‘dolly’ makeup look and has staying power which is what I need when being super busy. It’s a winner in my eyes and I’m a huge fan.

Velvet Lip Gloss

Nomad 335

And to complete the ‘glowy’ look, having some gloss for your lips can make nearly everyone look polished, even if you’ve forgotten everything else. The gloss that you get from this gloss is amazing, it’s a must have in your makeup bag and isn’t sticky but lasts. The colour from 335 is a light wash and could also be used as a highlighter if you didn’t have one on hand as well due to the shimmer in it, so it’s also a multi tasking product. It’s a keeper and I love using it to finish off a look.

I’m yet to still try all of the range of Vapour as there are so many amazing products in their collection but I will absolutely be working my way through all of them because of the quality, the ingredients and the packaging are all incredible. What are your favourite products from the range?