The Glow Summit 3.0 is officially here

The Glow Summit 3.0 is officially here

If you’re an OG subscriber you’ll know what it’s all about. And that it’s one of the most fun, crazy and busy times of the year for me whilst I create something amazing for you. If you’re new around here then welcome (!) and here’s a little info about what The Glow Summit is, why I created it and how it can help, most importantly, you.

As you may or may not know, I have a love for health, wellness, mindset, clean beauty and basically ALL of the things under any of these brackets. I also love attending events, especially wellness ones but I found myself unable to attend the fabulous events in LA, NYC or Australia that I really wanted to, and no one was live streaming them to help cater for gals like me, wanting to hear the experts share their advice for the people in the room. So, I came up with a solution. I was going to contact all of my favourite health and wellness peeps that I loved and ask if I could interview them for my own online summit, which was completely for free, so anyone, anywhere in the world could sign up and learn how to glow from the inside out for themselves.

Fast forward a few years and The Glow Summit is now happening twice a year, interviewing some of the best experts across the globe and bringing on board some incredible sponsors to support the event who are paving the way in health, wellness and clean beauty. It’s an event that I fall more and more in love with every time I do it, I get chills when I interview the experts and they give their nuggets of wisdom. I get excited when a brand that I love wants to come on board and support the event, and I love it when I get emails before, during and after the event from people who have signed up to The Glow Summit saying how much they loved it.

The way The Glow Summit works is that it’s split up into five key areas and they are;

What you eat;

What you think;

How you move;

What you use and

What you do.

I’ve chosen two of my favourite experts at the moment for each area (along with a bonus expert for the clean beauty day, I just couldn’t resist!) and the interviews are less than 30 minutes long so you don’t have to spend hours wading through lots of chatting to get to the good stuff.

So let’s go through each section.
















What You Eat

Jessica Sepel – JS Health

Jessical Sepel is a clinical Nutritionist, best selling health author and founder of JS Health. Her balanced approach to food, encouraging you to find calm rather than using your emotions to guide your food choices and general great advice make her one of my favourite nutritionists out there so I can’t wait for you to hear my interview with her all about breaking the cycle of emotional eating for good.

Sahara Rose –

Sahara Rose is a best selling author to an Idiot’s Guide to Ayurvedic, which is the number 1 best selling Ayurvedic book globally, as well as her latest book Eat Feel Fresh: A plant based Ayurvedic cook book. She breaks down what Ayurveda is, how we can eat as a family for all doshas and how to rebalance ourselves when we are out of whack.

What You Think

Ruby Warrington – Sober Curious

Ruby Warrington was previously the Sunday Times Features Editor before moving to NYC and creating The Numinous; a cosmic lifestyle platform for the modern gal. She is an author to her best selling book Mystical Girl, Material World and is launching her second book Sober Curious on 31st December. We talk all about what Sober Curious is, how to try it and overcome potentially awkward situations like dating whilst being sober and why it can help you become more connected with yourself.

Lucy Sheridan – Proof Coaching

Lucy Sheridan is the worlds first and only comparison coach and she’s a second timer on The Glow Summit, mainly because her advice gives me chills every, single time. We chat about living a comparison free life, how to be happy where we are right now whilst also still reaching for our goals and everything in between. It’s one not to be missed.

How You Move

Danielle Peazer – Train Like A Dancer

Danielle Peazer is a world renowned professional dancer, social media influencer (with a whopping 1.2 million followers on Instagram) and personal trainer. We talk all about how to find what you love so that moving isn’t a chore, how to help your mindset and generally have a great natter about how exercise is incredible.

Carly Rowena –

Carly Rowena is the best friend you’ve always wanted. She is a personal trainer, YouTuber and is currently growing a tiny human as well. We chat all about exercise, how to train when you’re pregnant, the best fitness advice she’s ever been given and more.

What You Use

Chelsea Williams –

Chelsea Williams is a is a nationally recognised plant-based lifestyle media contributor and Beauty Heroes Ambassador where we chat all about clean beauty. Chelsea introduces me to some brand new clean beauty brands, her favourites that she cannot live without and how a plant based lifestyle has helped her health immensely.

Suzi – Gurl Gone Green

Suzi runs an incredible blog called Gurl Gone Green where she chats all things clean beauty, non toxic living and more. We chat in the interview all about how to live a toxic free life on a budget, the best products to use that she personally loves and how doing it gradually is the best way forward.

What You Do

Jo Fairley

Jo Fairley is an inspiration. She is the founder of Green and Blacks Chocolate, a $100 million company, co founder of Beauty Bible and Natural Beauty Bible and The Perfume Society. We chat all about feeling the fear and doing it anyway and believe me, it’s a good one to watch.

Canna Campbell –

Canna Campbell is a financial planner, YouTuber and all round babe. We talk all about how having control of your finances is essential to helping you get the glow and all about her $1000 project which we can all get involved in.


The Sponsors

When I created The Glow Summit, I also wanted to showcase some of the best natural health, wellness and beauty brands around and I am so proud of the sponsors from all of the summit’s but this one in particular. They are all such diverse, interesting and forward thinking companies, that I’m delighted to tell you all about them and how I’ve been incorporating them into my life over the past few months. I actively reach out to the brands that I want to sponsor the event and personally ask them to be part of it, because you can’t have just any old brand being part of your Glow Family now can you?! So here are the amazing sponsors for The Glow Summit 3.0 that you’ll be hearing more about over the next 10 days.

Tabitha James Kraan

Tabitha James Kraan haircare is my favourite hair brand in the universe. If you’re an OG subscriber, you’ll know I’ve been to her salon in the Cotswolds, I use her hair products all the time and think she is an absolute hair oracle who always has time for questions about my mop.


I’m a fan of using protein powder but not just any old protein powder. I want my protein powder clean, vegan but full of nutrients. Luckily that’s what Vega is. I can get nutrients and minerals from it that I sometimes miss out on and it’s perfect to put in my morning smoothie as well. Stay tuned for some awesome recipes with them soon!


I love a good snack, but also love sugar. I also know it’s super unhealthy for me, so finding a good snack is a struggle! Luckily Perkier have come to save my hanger by providing delicious and nutritious quinoa bars so I can snack happy. They have also brought out super convenient quinoa and oat porridge which is fast becoming my saviour when I’ve worked late and want something yummy for dinner that’s quick! Who else loves porridge for dinner?!

No.1 Rosemary Water

Why drink normal water when you can supercharge your own?! No.1 Rosemary Water is a botanical drink that has sourced the worlds leading botanical scientists to help guarantee that every compound has been pulled from the rosemary sprig to ensure the best possible benefits. This is one of my new obsessions and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Renew Life

I have used supplements more and more since hitting my mid 30’s and I cannot tell you how much they have helped my skin, my digestion and my overall glow. Renew Life’s supplements are some that I have been using for quite some time now and I’m such a fan of them, so am super excited they are on board as a sponsor. Taking their 100 Billion ultra potent flora formula has been my saviour after going through lots of antibiotics when I had a kidney infection. I would recommend them to everyone.

Mother Dirt

When your skin’s microbiome has been wiped out by conventional products and you’ve got that dry, squeaky clean feeling on your skin which doesn’t actually feel particularly great, then Mother Dirt is going to be your saviour. Their AO mist is the stuff of dreams, it’s been scientifically proven and it’s not just great for the gals, my guy friends have been using it and loving it too!

P’ure Papayacare

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen me raving about this brand and their lips range. It smells delicious, hydrates your lips and leaves such a nice gloss afterwards that I’m going to be a fan forever. If you’ve not tried them then I would highly recommend!

Remedy Kombucha

I love booch. And I love yummy flavoured booch even more. So when Remedy Kombucha announced they were coming to the UK I had to get my hands on some. Their Raspberry Lemonade flavour is my absolute favourite and I can’t wait to share the other flavours with you. It’s so perfect for my Sober October month!

Vapour Organic Beauty

Vapour is one of my favourite natural makeup brands. It’s chic, beautiful, highly pigmented and long lasting. What more would you want from a natural beauty brand?! I’ve chosen three key makeup must have’s for an autumn look and I can’t wait to share them with you very soon.

Flora Remedia

This is such a new and exciting brand that I cannot wait to share with you! Flora Remedia is a beautiful brand harnessing the power of essential oils to make incredible products and I am so excited to bring you a new brand that you haven’t seen yet! Yippee!


Menstrual cups have been a relatively new thing for me this year and I think they are absolutely fantastic. So much so, I wouldn’t go back. OrganiCup are one of those brands that I love and they have also thought about us ladies when creating handy wipes for us when we need to change our cups too. Stay tuned for more!

There are going to be some amazing giveaways on Instagram over The Glow Summit week so make sure you’re following me on Instagram so you don’t miss out. Also don’t forget to sign up to The Glow Summit here to get some incredible tips, tricks and advice from some of the best health and wellness experts across the globe here.