The Future of The Glow Getter

The Future of The Glow Getter

That post title sounds a little dramatic don’t you think?! LOL. But this is what I’m going to be talking about in this post so I can give you an update on what’s been going on behind the scenes, what’s coming and to say thank you to you for spending time giving me feedback.

Last week I asked my Glow Getter family if they would mind filling out a quick survey for me on what they are loving, what they want to see more of, what they want to see less of and all of the things in between. I was so excited and grateful to have so many of you respond with answers for me and to take time out of your busy day, so thank you SO much to those that did. If you would like to give me some feedback, then you can here.

What made me super excited was that I’m along the right lines of the plans for the future and what I’ve got in store, so I thought I would let you into the details of what is coming up over the next few months!

So let’s go…

Glow Summit – Y’all loved my glow summit which is totally awesome! If you’ve not heard of The Glow Summit before, well let me tell you, it’s basically amazing. I interview key green beauty, health, wellness and lifestyle leaders (this is someone who is living life on their own terms, whether that be health, business or anything else) and ask for their advice and guidance on how we all can improve in those areas. Because it’s hard to get all this knowledge from reliable sources when there is just SO MUCH information out there. So I do all the hard work for you. And all you have to do is sign up for free and watch in your yoga pants. Woo!

The next one is coming in October so if you have any suggestions of who you’d like to see interviewed then get in touch here:

YouTube – it seems you love my videos, have MEGA amazing ideas of what you want to see, so I’ve collated all your video suggestions and I’m working on a super little plan to make sure I cover them all off before the end of the year. I do three videos a week so I think I can fit them all in! If you’re not following me on YouTube, then, er, WHHHAATTTT?! Jokes. You can subscribe here if you’d like to. I’m super excited about some of your suggestions and an awesome idea just popped into my head so stay tuned. *giddywithexcitement*

Blog – I’m going to make a couple of changes to the blog so it makes it easier for you to be able to find what you’re looking for. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while and whilst the changes won’t be made just yet, I definitely will be making some over the coming months so that you can really glow inside and out. I’m excited for this so stay tuned for more later on in the year.

Collabs – Just know these are coming in thick and fast – collabs with brands and bloggers are happening and it’s EXCITING.

Instagram – I know I’m poop on this channel but I’m now working with a totally awesome photographer at the moment and we are shooting some super fun images. So head on over and see what you think here. Don’t forget to give me some love if you do like the shots and DM me!

So there you have it. A little update for you on what’s to come! I’m super excited about everything that’s coming up and cannot wait to create more amazing things for you. Don’t forget, if you ever want to get in touch then just email me on and I’ll do my utmost to help. 🙂

P.S I created this video on YouTube as it may help clear up how I run things on my channel after some feedback you gave me. Hope it helps!