The city skincare you need in your life.

The city skincare you need in your life.

If you live in a city, being the social butterfly you are, you’re faced with pollution, central heating, and some very persuasive friends who like celebrating everyday of the week which a lovely glass of wine. This can massively take its toll on your skin and the pollution ages it, quicker than anything else. Luckily for us however, help is at hand. The utterly fabulous Shirin from Orico realised that us city girls needed high performance, streetwise, fast skin food to help our skin recover quicker, look fabulous and let us get on with our fast city lives. And what she created is just marvellous. It’s cruelty free, certifed by Eco-Cert, has environmentally friendly packaging AND has won awards. Pretty impressive stuff hey?! So I managed to grab a little time with Shirin to chat all things Orico, natural beauty and what her top tips were for looking amazing whilst living it up in the city. 

Shirin_pictureWhat is Orico and why did you set it up?

Orico ( Organic Rich Ingredients in Cosmetics and Oils) is a modern Advanced organic urban Skincare and I created it because I feel that Pollution, City living, Central heating and stress are some of the major causes of adverse affects on the skin. For the anti-aging we have the latest clinically proven bioactives for effectiveness.

Why should people choose natural/organic beauty products?

Independent laboratories around the globe are now clinically testing Natural ingredients to prove they efficacy and effectiveness.  As more research is being done on synthetic ingredients and their adverse affects on the skin and health more and more people are starting the read the ingredients on their skincare as they do on their food.

What advice would you give to people who are new to natural/organic beauty?

Due to still a great deal of green washing in the industry looking for independent certification body is best such as Ecocert, Soil Association, Cosmos.

Do you have a daily beauty routine, and if so, could you share it with us?

Yes, I use Streetwise, Gentle Anti oxidant face wash in the mornings, followed by Hi Rise Rejuvenating Eye Elixir and Superico , Vitamin Rich face oil.

In the evenings, I use the Orange Micellar Water and Dream Dew, Night Perfecting Cream

What is the best piece of beauty advice you have ever been given?

Keep your pores clean. Most important is to allow the skin to breath and provide nourishment for the skin with natural ingredients instead of temporarily block it with surface creams with silicone which give instant visible glow but underneath they block the pores not allowing them to produce its own sebum which makes the skin more dry and in turn more and more dependent on surface creams.

What are your top 3 favourite beauty products?

Transcend, Marine Radiance serum, Superico Face oil and Organic Pharmacy Black Eyeliner

Can you share some top tips on glowing from the inside (Wellness) and out (skincare & cosmetics)?

I would say beauty from the inside; health is critical in conjunction with science. I am a big believer of Omega Oils and every morning have a Spoonful Udo’s Choice, Ultimate Oil blend. Also have Green juice which I make with Organic Spinach, Kale, Apples, Celery and a little bit of ginger. Swimming or any favourite sport and weekly steam room also helps the skin detox and refreshed.

What is the most exciting beauty invention you have seen this year?

I love the Superseed oil invention which came out towards the end of 2014

What are your plans for Orico in the future?

Would very much like to make Orico global as we have more and more International customers

Sentences to finish.

I love natural beauty products because… They offer me the best of both worlds -Pure and Powerful

If I could tell my 20 something self, one piece of beauty advice, it would be…Less is more, Feed your skin don’t cover it up

My favourite beauty quote is… “The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul”. Audrey Hepburn

My favourite beauty resource is…Cosmetics Design

To relax I…go to the park with my dogs.

So city girls, now you’ve read the interview, why not check out the products here and see your skin change, look amazing and be protected from those pesky factors that interfere with your fabulous city lives.

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