The Chaos and Why It Means Your Natural Beauty Brand is Succeeding.

Building a successful natural beauty brand is messy. It’s chaotic. And trying to build your brand when you know your products are great but you’ve no clue how to do everything else is frustrating, confusing and downright overwhelming. 

But no one talks about this. Everyone is just expected to produce incredible products, having their marketing en pointe, get their messaging right, have beautifully designed packaging, have a natural beauty website that converts like crazy and all whilst you’re being told by so many biz coaches to ‘chill’ and not work so hard, so you can achieve more. 

This is craziness. And bad advice I might add. 

Building a brand is chaotic.

It’s about taking steps forward to then have to take them back. It’s about going around in circles and coming back to the same answer you had at the beginning. It’s about things going wrong so, so, so many times until you get it right. 

But it also means you’re succeeding. Because in those times of chaos, you are moving forward. You’re taking action, imperfect action and seeing what works and what doesn’t. So you can then learn and grow and be better in business. 

This journey is one of the most crazy personal development ones you could ever go on, because it means you have to be brutally honest with yourself around the progress you’re making. You need to know where your shortfalls are that you need help with and understanding that you can’t do everything alone so you need to invest to help get to where you want to go. 

It’s about making sacrifices and leaving the ego at the front door. It’s about working hard and going the extra mile and when you realise you’re not, giving yourself a pep talk and remembering your why. 

So if you’re in the midst of chaos right now, remember that success isn’t linear and if things are chaotic and you’re trying to figure this whole thing out, then it’s ok. It’s normal. We are there with you trying to figure out our beauty businesses too. And that means that you’re one step closer to succeeding, because you’re taking action. The best is yet to come. So enjoy the messiness because it never really stops, you just get better at dealing with it. 

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