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The Breakthrough Brands Summit - The Glow Getter Collective

“What you focus on grows”. Robin Sharma. 

On Saturday, I decided to focus on creating an online event to help the natural beauty industry in response to numerous events being cancelled, due to the big C word (that’s linked to the name of a beer, in case you were unsure). 

Once I decided to focus on helping, this series of events followed. 

I emailed a dear friend Lorraine Dallmeir, founder of Formula Botanica to see if I could interview her to get some of her best business advice on how to help natural brands thrive in this new environment we found ourselves in. Within four minutes, she has replied saying ‘it’s a huge YES from me’. 

So I then got in touch with Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, to see if I could involve her as well, and within another few minutes she had said yes. 

Then I facebooked, emailed and messaged on Linkedin other leaders within the natural beauty space, experts in business and leaders in marketing to see if they would like to be involved and everyone said yes. 

The Breakthrough Brands Summit was ON. 

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I then created a landing page on Sunday evening (five days ago as an FYI) and put it live. 

Since then, I’ve had +400 natural beauty brands sign up to this free event and JUST LOOK at the current line up (which is being added to daily)

This morning (Friday), I had the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) MD emailing to support the event and not only this, but helping me to get some other key speakers involved. 

There is a lot of background work going on right now but I had to write this because a quote kept coming up in my head (I’m a fan of a good quote) ‘The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves’.

This is a scary time for everyone, but how can you show up to change the day feeling scary and unknown, into excitement and focused to move things forward? Who can you reach out to for help, to think of ideas together, to collaborate with to help others, what things do you need to learn you can now look into?

When we can change our mindset, moving from hopelessness to hopeful, then magic starts to happen. 

So if you would like to learn from these incredible brands, just click below. And if you would like to be an extraordinarily epic human being, please could you share in groups, social media, with friends who run natural beauty businesses too? Sending you a big virtual hug right now if you could.

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