The Australian Skincare brand getting the basics totally right

When I first moved over to green beauty, I missed my favourites that were the basics. The eight hour cream, the great lip balm, the product to help with my stretch marks and scars on my body, you know, the basics. And it’s taken me over five years to find a brand that does these really, really well. Sure there are some brands that I love but P’ure Papaya has hit the nail on the head with all the basics which is literally unheard of.

So let me show you my favourite basics that I’m loving right now.

Papaya Ointment

This was love at first use. It’s basically a dupe for the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. The colour is slightly different, however the consistency is the same and so is the finish. It’s amazing to use as a highlighter, a lip balm, a balm to help with dry patches, nappy rash and everything in between. It’s one of those products that you keep in your handbag and constantly use because it’s just so handy for everything.

Papaya Renew Cream

This fab little product is basically a dupe for Bio Oil. Again it’s slightly different in that it’s not actually an oil, but it’s a lightweight cream that helps with scars, stretch marks and dry skin. It contains tamanu balm which is great for healing and and Gotu Kola which is something I had never heard of before but it’s an ingredient that is known to help increase collagen growth! A bonus in my eyes!

Vapour Balm

This is something I’m obsessed with! This is literally a straight up non toxic dupe for Vicks vapour rub. It’s amazing in every way. It smells amazing, helps to soothe and clear and I use it loads because it smells so darn great.

Papaya Lips

This is another staple for your makeup bag. The balm is super hydrating, it leaves a really nice sheen on your lips and is basically super handy to have around and I use it all the time.

I just love how they have done these basics so well and I can’t wait to try what else they have, given the high quality of everything I’ve tried so far. Woo hoo for amazing clean beauty brands! Have you tried them before? I’d love to know!