Why I’m doing Sober October and what I’m replacing it with

Why I’m doing Sober October and what I’m replacing it with

I did an interview recently with an incredible lady called Ruby Warrington. Ruby wrote a book which is coming out on 31st December 2018 (very apt timing indeed) called Sober Curious. I was indeed curious about her curiousness (OK, I’ll stop) so wanted to find out some more about it. The premise behind it was that Ruby found herself drinking more frequently that she wanted to but didn’t identify with the term ‘alcoholic’, because she didn’t feel she was one. She just drank more than she wanted to. So decided to try going sober for a sustained period of time but if there was a particular occasion (wedding, engagement etc) that she felt she really wanted a drink at, then she would allow herself to. That was quite some time ago now and since then, Ruby has set up Club Soda NYC which are events you can attend where no one drinks alcohol in New York City, written a book about her adventures being sober and how we can all do the same if we so wish.

I remember it was about four years ago when I first tried Sober October / Stoptober and I was utterly miserable about the whole thing. I did it, but boy did I moan. You see I love a nice red wine, or good G&T or espresso martini if we are going there but also wanted to challenge myself to do it. And it’s taken four years to get over it. I recently have had two of the busiest months for ages where I have been attending events, going on fun dates and meeting up with new friends through business where I’ve always felt the need to have at least a glass of wine. So after doing my interview with Ruby, I decided to challenge myself to do Sober October again, but this time observed how I felt about everything and why I felt I needed alcohol for the social situations I was in.

The first thing I’ve done is find a replacement drink so that I know I’m not ordering just a sparkling water when I’m out and about. And kombucha is not only something I drink during the day but also when I’m out for an evening too. I think ‘booch’ is a relatively new thing over in the UK but when I lived in New Zealand it was something I drunk daily because it basically tastes like a delicious healthy fizzy drink that I know is great for my digestion too.



I used to drink Remedy Kombucha quite a lot when visiting my friend in Australia and when they launched over in the UK I was super excited. To start off, kombucha (or booch for the cool kids) is a fermented tea drink which is good for your gut health and overall wellbeing. It’s low in sugar (even Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar has approved this booch), can help stabilise your blood sugar levels, provides great bacteria for your gut and is a great alternative when everyone else is drinking, mainly because it’s delicious so you don’t feel like you’re missing out.

Remedy uses seasonal fruits, roots and spices to make their unique recipes and I’m obsessed with the brand. They are hugely helping me through the start of my Sober October month and considering I announced that I would doing three months of being sober at the start of 2019 to Ruby on my interview with her for The Glow Summit, they are going to be a firm favourite for the future. They can be found in Planet Organic, online and are coming to more stores in the UK very soon.

Who else is doing Sober October as well and what drinks are you using to help replace the hard stuff? Have you tried Remedy Kombucha before? I’d love to know.

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