Stop wishing it was easier, and wish you were better (+ here’s how)

Stop wishing it was easier and wish you were better and here's how

Stop wishing it was easier, and wish you were better (+ here’s how)

It’s not working. 

It’s so hard. 

I keep seeing all these entrepreneurs who say ‘work less and still be successful’. 

They just make it look so easy and I feel like I’m in strugglesville all the time. 

I don’t know what to do. 

I’m trying. 

I’m just getting so overwhelmed. 

I’ve no idea what to write. 

That looks difficult. 

I didn’t hear back from them, so what am I to do? I reached out once and they didn’t get back to me.

The list goes on. 

We’ve all used one of these excuses at one time or another. There’s no shame in it. Sometimes we just get caught up in thinking that having our own natural beauty brand should be easier than it is. 

It should flow. It should feel magical all the time. As soon as we talk about our brand, people should be queing up to buy our products right? That retailer that we emailed once should be getting back to us straight away, shouldn’t they? 

The answer is no. And here’s the reason why. Just because we decided to set up a business, doesn’t mean that people should have to buy it. We aren’t owed anything because we decided that our idea might be a good one. 

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Embrace the suck

So we have to get hungry. We have to fall in love with embracing it being ‘sucky’ for a while. And even when you do get successful, there are problems that you’ll face when you wish you were back a couple of years ago, when things were simpler. 

So the next time you hear yourself making one of these excuses, ask yourself why you’re saying it. Is it a fear of uplevelling? Is it a fear of failure? Because if it is, you’re failing in the first place by not trying. 

Helping you move forward

So here’s a little exercise for you to do, to help you move forward and get better, by getting some awareness on the negative ninny in your head. 

Get a piece of paper and write down ALL of the excuses that you’ve got around your natural beauty brand and not putting yourself out there. 

List everything you can think of and then ask yourself ‘why am i really saying this?’ and keep asking yourself why until you get to the bottom of it. 

Then list all the reasons why that excuse is utter rubbish. 

Because it’s when we can call ourselves out on our own BS, we can start to make magic happen. We can see what our ego is trying to do, which is to keep us safe. But we weren’t meant for the safe or certain life. When you decide you want to set up a business, nothing is ever certain. 

So stop wishing it was easier, and wish you were better. Get the help you need to be better. Get the mentor you need to be better. Get the advice, get the course, get what you feel would make you better right now. Believe in your ability to figure things out. And stop asking people who haven’t been where you’re going, for directions.

For when we can get honest with ourselves, we can then shine a light on what’s holding us back, so we can move forward confidently in the direction of our dreams. 

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