Skincare & nose heaven: Spiezia Organics

Skincare & nose heaven: Spiezia Organics

“Breathe out in the world that which you wish to breathe in”.

When that’s the vision of a skincare company, you know you’re onto a good thing. I came across Spiezia, or maybe I should say my nose found Spiezia a while back and since then, I’ve been sniffing (as well as applying!) Amanda’s products ever since.

Made lovingly in Cornwall, the first company to have 100% Soil Association accredited to all their skincare products, their commitment to organic doesn’t stop at making the products. Their packaging (totally cute!) is recyclable, they have a strict no testing on animals policy and even their stationary and cleaning products have to be as environmentally friendly as you can get.

So I just HAD to interview the founder Amanda. Who wouldn’t want to chat to such a driven and awesome lady?!

Introducing Spiezia Organics…..

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What is Spiezia Organics and why did you set it up?

Spiezia Organics manufactures and sells highly effective 100% organic luxury skincare in Cornwall. Suitable for the most sensitive of skin, the products have been developed to integrate into spa rituals which focus on bringing clients to a balanced state of being.

Why should people choose natural/organic beauty products?

Because they are great for your skin, providing balance and natural bioactives and they are great for the environment too. No synthetic chemical has to be good all round.

What advice would you give to people who are new to natural/organic beauty?

Read the labels on the back, question the ingredients if you don’t know what they are; don’t be fooled by hype and always look for authentic certification.  There is currently no Government legislation over use of the word organic in skincare so it only needs to have 0.01 % organic ingredients to be called organic!

Do you have a daily beauty routine, and if so, could you share it with us?

My facial routine centres on using the Spiezia facial cleanser (one of my favourite products) twice a day.  I massage in well first thing in the morning – small circular movements and upwards sweeps and then leave on whilst I clean my teeth (or even walk the dogs!), then I remove with Floral Skin Toner or a warm muslin flannel.  Your skin changes with the Seasons and also how you feel inside. In the summer I apply Rose & Vanilla Face Oil which has a really lovely scent and is rich in antioxidants.  For winter and also at night I use the Intensive Moisturiser which was specifically formulated as a really rich and nourishing face balm. Then I give myself the best face lift – SMILE!

What is the best piece of beauty advice you have ever been given?

Read the ingredients and if you wouldn’t eat them, think about whether you should put them on your skin!

 What are your top 3 favourite beauty products?

Spiezia Facial Cleanser
Spiezia Calendula – award winning and fantastic for soothing eczema
Bare Minerals Mascara

Can you share some top tips on glowing from the inside (Wellness) and out (skincare & cosmetics)?

Inside: Wake up every day, knowing it is your gift to use in the best way you can. Your choice.  My advice is to choose to enjoy it and smile and find the joy you can in everything.  Make sure you take time out every day to do something you love. Hug people you love; tell people you care about that you care. Be honest and true.
Living in Cornwall provides endless opportunities for well-being – beautiful countryside and beaches. Enjoy fresh food, drink lots of water and limit alcohol, exercise regularly.

Outside: Make sure that your daily facial ritual is just that! Take 5 – 10 minutes twice a day to make sure that you are glowing and feel great. Cleanse, tone and moisturise.  In terms of make-up, choose colours that reflect your personality. A good friend and top make up artist, Debbie Stone told me that bold lipstick above everything else is great in terms of make-up. Choose a make up range that suits your values and suits your skin tones.

What is the most exciting beauty invention you have seen this year?

I am loving the new Scentered range which has been created which are simple but really innovative.  They offer a range of 100% natural aromatherapy products designed to support lifestyle balance and enhance your mood when you are stressed. Really clever as they are in a simple balm form which you can pop onto pulse points of just inhale as opposed to the messy oils.  They are being launched in Space NK in the near future (*Ailish claps hands in excitement here!).

What are your plans for Spiezia Organics in the future?

Significant growth whilst still being based in Cornwall. We are launching a range of effective but non-foaming organic gloss shampoo, organic shine conditioner and organic cleansing body cream.  In addition we are re-branding to reflect the quality of our skincare and our core values.  We are developing strong links with five star hotels and spas who want an ethical authentic luxury spa brand and spa rituals which reflect our philosophy for the past 15 years on the absolute requirement to reach a deep state of relaxation.

Sentences to finish.

I love natural beauty products because… they are fantastic for the skin and the environment.

If I could tell my 20 something self, one piece of beauty advice, it would be… get that bright blue eye-shadow off and step away from the perm!

My favourite beauty quote is : A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears. Anne Roiphe

My favourite beauty resources are… fantastic mentors like Jo Fairley, Romy Fraser and Lara Morgan – love their books too. I never stop learning.

To relax I… walk with my lovely husband Geoff and our dogs to the sea from our house; run along the coastline or snuggle up with my beautiful girls Hannah and Molly on the sofa with a good book or film.

What a truly amazing and inspirational lady and brand! I got goose pimples reading Amanda’s favourite quote! If you want to find out more about Spiezia Organics then just click on the link here and it will take you straight to their site.