Snacking my way to health

Snacking my way to health

There is nothing more I love in life than a good snack. They are usually fun to eat, happen at either 11am or 3pm and I love deciding what I’m going to eat. But my only problem is I’m a hungry gal and nothing used to fill me up enough to get me through to dinner. That was until I started to learn more about nutrition and the essential ingredients that were needed to satisfy my sweet tooth so I could keep my hanger at bay.

You see if you can get a great mix of protein, minerals, fats and that essential bit of sweetness to make it yummy, then you’re pretty much set for your elevenses and / or mid afternoon snack. It helps to keep your blood sugar levels regulated, your hunger at bay and makes you happy that you’re eating something good for your health which is delicious too! Which is why I’m so excited that Perkier have come on board as a sponsor for The Glow Summit. I first came across the brand at a blogging event and instantly fell in love with the idea and the taste of the bars because they were so yummy. Not only that but the founder, Ann was so passionate about her brand, I couldn’t help but love it too.

The bars are jam packed with quinoa, cacao, cashew nuts, goji berries, peanuts and more and each have their own flavours. I think my personal favourite has to be the cacao and cashew bar because who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate!?

Not only this, but they have now brought out some super handy porridge pots (or oatmeal, depending on where you are in the world) which are dairy free, gluten free and taste amazing too. When I tried them for the first time, I was actually super surprised (and so was my photographer) at how tasty they were when I just added water to it. The pots not only have oats, but quinoa, coconut milk powder and tapioca to help make them absolutely delicious, and they are super handy to throw in your bag when you’re rushing out the door. Because let’s face it, we are all really busy but we also want to be healthy, so this ticks all of my boxes for when I want and need something to eat.

Perkier has actually really thought about creating snacks that care for us and our health and not only this, but they have done it in a super fun, friendly and non judgemental way which I’m such a fan of, because you can have fun and be healthy too right?!

***GIVEAWAY*** I’m super excited to announce that I’ve partnered up with Perkier not only for The Glow Summit where they are an official sponsor, but also for an awesome giveaway on my instagram page that you can take part in to win a box of perkier snacks! Just head on over to my Instagram account for more details.