Skin Owl & Beauty Heroes WKND Edition

Skin Owl & Beauty Heroes WKND Edition

My hormonal acne has been a journey to say the least. I’ve tried so many products in my quest to get the perfect skin I once had back, and nothing worked. I tried naturopaths, nutritionists, meditation, micro-needling, facials, and every product which had the word ‘acne’ that I could get my hands on.

My confidence was shot, I was completely embarrassed, especially because I was a natural beauty blogger AND that my blog was all about getting the glow, when quite clearly, I had lost mine. I think the stress of moving back to the UK from New Zealand didn’t help factors and when I got back, my skin was probably the worst it had been in a while. I was embarrassed I couldn’t figure it out, annoyed that the natural products I was using, just weren’t working and knew if I could just find a brand that really worked with my skin then I could heal it way quicker.

Enter SkinOwl. It’s no secret on my YouTube channel that I fell in love with the brand owner and the products super quickly. I met Annie when I was over in LA and then got chance to grab a matcha latte with her when she then came to London. She was vibrant, super fun and had experienced the same problems that I was facing but her skin was now glowing. She was blinkin’ radiant.

Annie gave me some fab advice and told me to cut back on *everything* I was using and just go with the Skin Owl Matcha Cleansing Bar and the Skin Owl Beauty Drops and use it as a moisturiser instead of a mask. Then once a couple of weeks were up, move onto the Skin Owl Geranium Oil.

I had my reservations. I’d been told numerous times but numerous brand owners that their brand would clear up my skin and ‘just use their products’. I’ve no doubt that it worked for them but it just didn’t for me. Until now.

As soon as I started using the Skin Owl products I could see an immediate difference. After the first day of using them, I could notice a difference. No one else would have been able to, but I could. After the first week, the constant rash on my face had reduced significantly and well, the results after that speak for themselves. I was utterly blown away.

If you watch the video, you’ll be able to see the before and after pictures and the transformation that happened. I think of Annie as some skin angel that came and gave me some products that literally saved my self confidence, esteem and skin all at the same time. Now my skin isn’t perfect just yet. I’ve still got scarring which I need to tackle and there are still spots that flare up which take *such* a long time to go, but I’m nowhere near as bad as what I was six weeks ago.

So when I ran the idea of doing a collab with Skin Owl and Beauty Heroes past the amazing Annie and Jeannie (founder of Beauty Heroes) to help spread the word about how amazing the products were, I was so excited, honoured and grateful that they both said yes.

And here it is! The WKND Edition of Skin Owl and Beauty Heroes. Spend $85 dollars on any Skin Owl products in the Beauty Heroes store and you get the Beauty Whip which is worth $68 absolutely for free! I think it’s such an amazing offer and will be getting the Marigold beauty steam along with the Eye Gel to try out ASAP.

Skin Owl and Beauty Heroes are two of my favourite brands and I am so excited to collab with them on this WKND Edition box. So I would encourage you to give Skin Owl a go. If your skin is not how you want it to be, I know that Skin Owl will get it looking tip top in no time at all. I’ll be forever grateful and cannot wait for another few months to go by of using the products so my skin gets even better than before. Roll on perfect skin and glowing all day long.