Natural Organic Beauty and Wellness Favourites + Brain Training to help your Memory

Natural Organic Beauty and Wellness Favourites + Brain Training to help your Memory

OOH I love me some good favourites and all of them are quite new brands to me which is super exciting! I’ve also got a super fun exercise for you to do which I learnt yesterday and thought it was helpful so am passing it along to help train your brain to remember things! It’s fun, super quick and actually works. I know because I’ve previously had an awful memory and am currently trying to improve it. Make sure you watch till the end of the video to get the great brain memory training!

So the first favourite for the month is the amazing Miracle Morning book by Hal Elrod. It encourages you to get up earlier so you can fit more things into your day to help you succeed at life. I was previously a snoozer. I would hit the alarm, oversleep and then rush around like a headless chicken to get out of the house on time. It was not how my ideal day would want to be in my head. So from the start of January, I’ve been getting up at 5.15am and making my mornings feel indulgent. Like it’s a Sunday morning. I get up, go and have some lemon water and pink himalayan salt and make a coffee, then come back into my room, meditate, journal and then head to the gym. I’d then come back, do some visualisation and plan out my day. It’s seriously been incredible for me and I love doing it so much. On the weekends I still sleep in, but am so tempted to start doing it on a Saturday as well because there are some side projects that I want to work on and it would be an easy way to fit it in. Has anyone read his book?

The second favourite is the amazing brand Ayuna and their new ‘The Facial’ high and low toners. These products have worked WONDERS on my skin and I think they are fantastic. I got into more detail about how they have helped my hormonal acne in the video so have a watch and let me know what you think.

The third favourite is the brand Kyushi and their Chamomile & Helichrysum Face Oil. It’s helped reduce redness and inflammation on my skin, smells divine and I’m such a fan, especially around winter and my skin being a little drier.

My fourth favourite is the Grace and Green set with all of their amazing period care products. They are made from organic cotton and are the most beautifully packaged, girly products I’ve seen. Whilst I mostly use my Intimina lily cup, I do keep these in my bag as well for when I’m just starting out on my period (TMI I know, but I’m just being real with you!).

My fifth favourite is the brand UpCircle who use coffee grinds to make natural beauty products. It’s an idea I had in New Zealand a couple of years ago and think it’s fantastic that someone is using waste and making it into something useful! I love the packaging (such a sucker for nice packaging) and they smell incredible! So excited to have found this brand.

My final favourite is the Wild Woman subscription box. I got sent the December box but only received it recently after my post messed up and I think it’s fab. The main product is a book and because I adore reading, it was such a nice change to receive something like this! You get lots of cute other things in it too so definitely watch the video to see what else is in there.

And finally, the brain training! You’re just going to have to watch the video where I talk about Jim Kwik in it! 😉