How To Level Up Your Natural Beauty Brand

Lemme talk a little here about some natural beauty brand business tips and WHY levelling up is important. So you’re at the beginning of your natural beauty brand journey. Maybe you’re a little way past the start of the beginning where you’re swiftly learning that you need to wear many hats in your natural beauty business. 

You look at other business owners and think, ‘how do you do everything?!’ and a slight tinge of green envy comes across your face. ‘If only I knew what they did’, you wish. 

Well the reality is here my love that those other business owners who are successful have levelled up. But they started where you were! They got clear on what they needed to learn, where their time would be best spent and how to tell what tasks would help them move further forward, more quickly. 

So how can you do the same? Here are some Natural Beauty Brand Business Tips to help you succeed.

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1 – Look at your strengths and weaknesses

What do you need to learn that you have limited knowledge in? Look to learn if you can’t afford to bring someone on board right now. Learning and investing in myself has seriously managed to help me and so many others I know go to another level with confidence, business strategy and marketing. 

2 – Review where you’re spending your time at the mo

Look back at the last 7 days. Did you have any goals that you wanted to achieve? Had you booked them into your calendar? Did you schedule a day and time that they were going to happen? Did you achieve them? 

If you don’t have any goals that you’re working towards and if you’ve not got them out of your head and onto paper, then chances are you’ll remember them at 3am and then not be able to get back to sleep because you completed them. Doesn’t make for a productive natural beauty business owner the next day, does it?! So let’s get them written down. 

3 – Morning routine

this is a go-to for so many successful people I know. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it does have to happen and make you feel good. 

My morning routine goes something like this: 

6am – wake up and head to yoga 

6.30am – start yoga class

7.50am – home, coffee, read 10 pages of a personal development book

8.30am – shower, meditate (option to write in my journal if I feel like I need to get something out of my head)

9.15am start work – this has already been planned out the week before so can start straight away. 

Now it varies sometimes but I know when I’ve done yoga for the day, I’ve meditated and I’ve read some personal development, I can tackle most things that are thrown at me. Because it grounds me. It’s how I wanted my dream morning to look like when I imagined it and now I live it. 

So why not write down how you would love your dream morning to look like and see what you can implement now to make it happen. 

4 – Read, learn, watch and IMPLEMENT

If you’ve signed up to a course / membership / read a book / saw something useful…don’t just let it stay in your head. You need to implement and take action to then be able to see the effect it is and if you need to double down and keep going with it or make a change. If you don’t implement what you’ve learnt, you’re just wasting your time. And that’s just annoying, so let’s not let that happen. 

5 – Watch your metrics

What you track, you can measure and improve on. What you don’t track, you mainly just don’t know about and keep bumbling along. AmIRight?! Until you start asking yourself about product sales, engagement rates, email open rates and click through rates, you’re never going to improve, because you don’t know what you don’t know. 

So start a simple spreadsheet and look at the key data that you need to ensure the success of your business. It will focus you like nothing else. 

Do you have any Natural Beauty Brand Business tips that helped you up-level yourself? I’d love to hear!

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