My Top 5 New Zealand Beauty Favourites

My Top 5 New Zealand Beauty Favourites

HOW have I been in New Zealand for 6 weeks already and HOW is it the middle of Feb as well? It’s crazy how fast time is going and I feel so far behind with all my plans. However, whilst out exploring my new little world, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite places to get amazing glow getting food, products I’m loving and places I’ve been. In no particular order…

oasis beauty suncream

1). Oasis Beauty Suncream and gradual tan

Sweet lord, where would I be without this brand?! Their suncream is one of the best I’ve tried, I’ve not been burnt yet which is a definite first for me and it’s given me a great overall tan. Whilst my legs are still a little pasty (does anyone else have trouble tanning the lower half of their legs?!), I’ve been using their gradual tan and it doesn’t smell of anything, gives a really nice glow and zero streaking so I’m a huge fan. Plus the packaging is super sexy. Enough said.


2). Seize (image from seize)

This place is NZ foodie heaven. Want a vegan snickerdoodle bar? What about some raw porridge or buckwheat pancakces? Kombucha? This place has it all. I even tried the Daily Organics kombucha they stock in there and wasn’t totally repulsed! It’s a little odd, reminded me of sweet beer, and I’m still a little confused about the whole kombucha thing but anyhow, this place is amazing. A lot of my pennies are going to be spent in that place. Just head there early, at lunch, there are daily queues out the door.

nufood almond butter

3). Nufood almond butter

OMG. This almond butter is blinkin’ incredible. It’s a start up company in Eastbourne, Wellington and they have three different types of almond butter and that’s it. They are specialised and taste amazing. my favourite is the coconut and almond butter version, it’s incredibly delicious and I have to resist spooning the stuff out of the jar. You NEED to check this peeps out, they have a chocolate and almond version too!

karren murrle lipsticks

4). Karen Murell lipsticks

I’ve been wanting to try these lipsticks for aaagggeeesss and luckily, the fab team at Bare PR gave me a range of them to try. They are amazeballs. I’ve been looking for a really light pink lipstick for ages, that looks cool, stays on and is funky and their X colour hits the spot. It’s seriously cute. If I ever get round to doing a lip swatch (seriously, I will, it’s my next video I’m doing) then I’ll show you. I’ll definitely do a couple of makeup tutorials with them as well, once I’ve got a foundation that matches my face!

goodness chia seed oil

5).  Goodness Chia Seed Oil

And finally, this little bottle of goodness is a serious new contender in the oil department. I’d not tried chia seed oil before, having been a firm advocate of rosehip, but once I tried it, I was immediately impressed. Slightly lighter feeling than rosehip, doesn’t smell as strong but gives you a great drink for your skin, especially when it’s been in the sun and the pool all day. It’s fab and I absolutely love the price too, everyone should be trying this stuff! Go, go, go!

And there you have it. My top 5 favourite NZ essentials. Now I just need to find a mozzie repellant spray that will stop me being eaten alive…

glow guide updated pic