My favourite ways to reduce stress when I’m busy

I know busy is an epidemic that we are all facing right now but since I began working for myself last year, I have never been busier. I struggle to take time off and know that this won’t be forever but there are times in your life when you know you have to knuckle down and get on with work and there are times that are a little more chilled and a few more holidays can creep in. So to deal with my busy periods, I’ve been incorporating some super simple stress free tips into my life to help me feel centred, calm and happy which I hope will help you too. You may giggle at a couple of them as some of my friends do, but they really help me so keep an open mind and give them a try!


This is my numero uno thing that I have to do to keep my little hamster brain in check, feeling calm, remembering everything I am doing is exciting and that I absolutely can achieve everything I want and need to. I know I go on and on and on and on about it but seriously, it has single handedly helped me through every tricky period I’ve ever faced and massively helps my digestion when I get super stressed and end up looking like I’m six months pregnant. I use Gabby Bernstein’s ‘May Cause Miracles’ and ‘Spirit Junkie’ meditation albums which I bought years ago but there is also Headspace and Calm which I’ve heard are super amazing too. See what speaks to you and try them out. Don’t forget that sometimes the whole meditation thing can be doing an exercise class, or going for a long walk and being in the moment, taking notice of the trees and the sky and your surroundings. It’s anything that can get you out of your head and stressful situation and into the present moment where you can remember how magical things are again. Woo-woo? Maybe, but it never hurt you to think positively now, did it?

Essential Oils

The power of essential oils never fails to amaze me. Taking a moment to stop, take a deep breath in of an amazing combination of essential oils, and remember it’s all good is something that I love doing. I’ve been using Flora Remedia at the moment for that and oh my goodness, their ‘Let go’ blend of sweet orange, coconut, cold pressed lime, geranium, patchouli, ylang ylang and rose otto is my saving grace right now. These treatment oils are little pockets of amazingness that help you connect with yourself and source again, so you can relax, refocus and start over again in that moment. Putting them on first thing in the morning is also such a treat which I love doing and they also have an amazing detoxing treatment body oil which not only targets cellulite and water retention, it really helps wake me up, feel ready for the day and also like I’ve put my self care routine first, therefore I’m living my best life. It’s the little things that can really help you to let go, reduce your stress and keep you feeling like you’re in control.

Getting out in nature.

If you’re an OG subscriber you’ll know I lived in New Zealand for two years, and by the beach. It made me obsessed about getting out in nature regularly, which is something I’ve brought back to the UK with me.  There’s a track that I run and walk regularly at home and in a few minutes I’m out in the countryside, forgetting about everything I have to do and I absolutely love it. It makes me feel so lucky that it’s on my doorstep and helps me feel like everything is OK again. Even when I’m at my co-working space in the centre of Manchester, UK, I go for a walk around the block to clear my head when I need a break from my screen. I sometimes do it on my own and other times with someone else who needs a break and it’s so great! If you can get out in nature, even for five minutes, then you feel so much better after having done it so I would highly encourage you to just nip out of the office for five, get some fresh air and some perspective on the stress that you’re under.

They might seem like super simple tips but they have literally worked wonders for me. So I encourage you to try them and also let me know in the comments below what else works for you to reduce stress, I’d love to know!