6 Healthy Morning Habits To Help You Glow All Day

6 Healthy Morning Habits To Help You Glow All Day

I love my morning routine. Establishing healthy morning habits allows me to get shizzle done during the day, feel good about life and generally makes me feel a little more smug because I’ve set myself up for the day properly. I have to admit, I don’t do these every day as I sometimes hit the snooze button about three zillion times and then rush out of bed, but if that happens then I’ll meditate on my commute to work (everyone just thinks I’m asleep, there are no ‘ommms’ on the commuter ferry!), I’ll make my breakfast at work, I’ll write down thoughts on my iphone and fit yoga in at a lunchtime session. But I’m giving it all away up front here! Have a watch of the video and see what things you might be able to fit in so your morning routine is totes on point. Yep, I just said that. 😉

So what are your healthy morning habits?

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