Messy Beach Waves

Messy Beach Waves

Some like it straight, some like it curly and others like it messy. I’m a messy haired gal myself. I love nothing more than having a beach wave look on my wig whether I’ve styled it that way or if it’s actually from me swimming in the sea.

It would take all the fun out of it if I actually just came out of the sea and sat in front of a camera for two hours whilst my hair air dried so I thought I’d film a video of how you could get the same look with just a pair of curling tongs. So have a watch below. I’m actually rather proud of my editing skills here, so I hope you enjoy!

Products I used:

Organic Colouring Systems Control Argan Oil Gloss

Organic Colouring Systems Control Texture

Tabitha James Kraan Dry Shampoo Fair

Do you have any tips or tricks to get your best beach wave yet? If so, leave a comment below!

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