Max And Me – High Vibrational Skincare

Max And Me – High Vibrational Skincare

High vibrational skincare is something that was a fairly new concept to me, i.e I had no clue what is was, how it worked but it sounded great and I wanted some of it. Enter Max and Me. Max and Me is a skincare brand created by the amazing Tanja and her husband Max that combines organic, highly vibrational ingredients that have ‘innate healing abilities’ which in turn, creates a high performance brand. I realise that could sound an awful lot like a load of hippy craziness but hang on in there whilst I explain a little further what it all means.

When Tanja and Max decided they wanted to create a skincare brand they not only wanted to include the best ingredients into the products they created, but they also wanted to bring on board a team of people that could ensure the products not only were organic, but performed really, really well, so they brought on board a kinesiologist and vibrations expert, plus a dermatologist to ensure that the products worked at a cellular level. The combination of all these experts has produced products that not only feel great, they perform super well and look beautiful.

I was first introduced to Max and Me when I started as an ambassador with Beauty Heroes and then had the pleasure of meeting Tanja at the Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles and was completely blown away with how fabulous Tanja and Max were. They had created some incredible products (my most notable favourite being the Circle of Protection Body Oil that still remains one of my absolute favourite body oils that I have ever used), that people were raving about, they performed super well and got people results.


So I wanted to talk you through some of the products which I love so you can decide what’s right for you.

The Circle of Protection Body Oil is one of the best┬ábody oils to help not only save your skin from flaking away but also contains antioxidants that heal and protect the body and soul. It boosts the skins innate healing abilities through using Manuka oil (big up to New Zealand here!), Jasmine helps to support the Qi-energy of the heart which helps to calm and uplift the mind as well as anxiety and restlessness plus Bourbon geranium helps to deflect negative energy and gives protection. So you can see why it’s not just any ol’ body oil. It’s the body oil that we all should be using.

Enchanted is a facial oil that not only nourishes and repairs the skin but is also pretty amazing for mature skin due to a mix of evening primrose oil, rosehip oil and argan being especially great for older skin types. When using the oil, make it into a ritual for yourself by warming the oil in your hands first, breathing the scents in deeply and then applying to your face. It’s such an amazing oil to use on your skin and I’m beyond obsessed with it.

Sweet Serenity Mask and Wash has been such a game changer for so many people. The mask helps troublesome skin with not only a great exfoliation but also drawing out impurities and giving more radiance to the face. It stimulates collagen, gives your skin a major glow (uh-mazing), helps with hyperpigmentation and is great for acne so naturally I loved it when first trying it. It’s a staple in my skincare saviour kit.

These are my favourites from the range and I think you will absolutely love them too. Do leave a comment below and let me know which ones are your favourites too!

If you’d like to learn more about the brand, you can watch my interview with the amazing Tanja below for the Meet the Maker series I did for The Glow Summit 2.0!

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