Lil Fox: A Surprising Beauty Hero (in a good way).

Lil Fox: A Surprising Beauty Hero (in a good way).

I was not expecting Lil Fox’s cleanser to be like this. I mean I knew it would be an epic cleanser but what I wasn’t expecting was the world’s best exfoliation at the same time…

Lil Fox, another Beauty Heroes mega win that was created by Alexis Rose (aka the hottest lady I have seen in a while who can pull of a turban like no one I know) focuses on creating products that are simple, yet effect and my oh my, they really are.

The Jungle Glow Rainforest Enzyme Cleanser and Mask was the hero product that I received from the Beauty Heroes box and when I saw the packaging (the packaging, ah, lovely, lovely packaging, I’m *such* a sucker for good packaging) I fell in love. It’s soooo cute and fun and creative. Then I opened the lid and what I thought was a solid balm, melted into this gooey, gorgeous, honey like consistency as soon as I took some out. It smelt divine, I got excited and then I started to cleanse my face. That’s when I got the shock of my life (I know, I’m dramatic).

lil fox 2-min

The cleanser had tiny exfoliating particles that were actually rather rough and when I started to wash my face more, it was basically like using the most intense exfoliator ever. I almost questioned whether Beauty Heroes had made a mistake and not put a natural exfoliator into their box this month. It was SO good. I loved it. When I washed it off, my face felt so smooth (and a little red from getting over excited with exfoliating) and I was so impressed! The next morning when I put my makeup on, it glided on like a dream. Woo! I thought. So tried the mask and the exfoliator together the next night.

A side note (before the sidekick) – the label is a bit confusing. It says cleanser which is totally true but you cannot use this product as an everyday cleanser. It’s just too harsh. I feel I would also have to use a different cleanser to take my eye makeup off as this wouldn’t be suitable for taking my mascara off either. Just so you know!

lil fox 3-min

The sidekick for this month to accompany the cleanser was the Cleopatra Restorative Milk and Honey Beauty Mask which I mixed with the Jungle Glow Enzyme and when I applied it after cleansing my face, I could feel it working almost immediately. The papaya and pineapple enzymes mixed with the crushed roses (totes luxurious hey!) and French rose clay were basically communicating with me what was going on whilst the face mask was working as I could feel the impurities coming out of my skin!

If you want to learn more about it, here’s a video I did on how to get glowing skin.

I’m not sure I’ve had two astoundingly good skincare products that exfoliate and draw out toxins like this before (this first mask that springs to mind is Josh Rosebrook). They are both seriously good. If you want to get your hands on the box, worth $101 for only $38 (plus shipping) then you need to get in quick. Just click here to buy now! You won’t regret it.