Let your complexion be rescued!

Let your complexion be rescued!

My skin has gone downhill again. It looks dry, dehydrated and flaky. This could coincide that I’ve run out of my Therapi Ultra Radiance Cream but either way, it’s looking and feeling sorry for itself. My foundation was sitting on top of my skin and I looked anything but fresh when I trapsed into the Bare Minerals* counter in Selfridges, Oxford Circus. You always want to look glam in there, because everyone is so darn hot. Needless to say, I turned up at the BM counter and was greeted by the most gorgeous team; makeup flawless, massive smiles and me.

Just to make matters worse, I sat down, to be greeted by the absolute goddess Myriam. A fabulously glamorous, gorgeous French lady who you want to listen to all day, especially when she talks about lip glosses called Hot Shot.  So there I was, little ol’ me, flaking away on the sparkly bright Bare Minerals counter begging Myriam to turn me into a goddess like her. She had her work cut out, but knew exactly what to do to restore me to my former glory.


Before the transformation began, I had very kindly been invited to Bare Minerals to learn more about their new launch of the complexion rescue products that had gone live that day. The new products were gel like and in-between a BB and a CC cream. I’ve always thought these creams were a bit pointless and just another product to lure people into buying when effectively they could easily use their foundation and add some moisturiser into it and secondly, I’m a foundation girl. I want a good coverage. So if I’m honest, I was a bit dubious about how this new launch was going to be any good.



So we started off by getting my skin hydrated again. This was a three step process which commenced with the MINERALX cleanser, then the oil and the eye cream. These products made my skin feel hydrated, fresh and like it had just been dowsed into a hydration pool.



 Mineralixirs Skincare can be found here >> (PS They have an offer on this at the moment too, £20 for the kit!)


We then moved onto putting the complexion rescue on (I had already been colour matched before skincare work and it was a PERFECT match – no orange face here!) The French goddess (aka Myriam) put the complexion resuce onto half my face first to see the difference (SHOWN BELOW) and I was impressed. It was like a foundation but dewy, and hydrating; it gave me coverage but also looked totally natural. Interesting, I thought. And so we carried on with the rest of the face using the softest loveliest brush ever.

Complexion Rescue in the colour Natural.


IMG_0641 Full Face just Complexion Rescue. IMG_0644


It looked lovely as far as just having foundation and nothing else on your face goes. It went into my skin well and I actually would buy this as a weekend product for my face that made it look fresh, dewy but also gave me coverage.

We then moved onto putting the foundation on because I wanted more coverage to see what it would all look like together. I’m a liquid girl. I tried Bare Minerals when it first launch zonks ago and whilst I liked it, the powder just wasn’t great for my skin. But this liquid foundation was just lovely. Myriam buffed this into my face with the slightly random, harder brush that has a little hole in the middle to pore the foundation into. The brush I wasn’t keen on (I like my comforts and a soft brush is what I love most) but the foundation I was. My skin looked SO much better, there was a great coverage (definitely the end of the medium spectrum) and I was feeling so much better already.


Concealer (in Light 2) was then added and then we moved onto contouring. The bronzer (Warmth) was popped onto my face and oh my goodness, I absolutely loved it! I had a more sculpted face and I’d only had one of the many products put on! Instantly started to feel a bit more like Giselle and a bit less like tired, flaky snake Ailish. The French Goddess added some Golden Gate Blush and the the Flawless Radiance highlighter which was were both amazing as well. A little goes such a long way with these products so firstly, they last longer, secondly your look is buildable and thirdly, the colours are exactly what you want in your head but can never really explain out loud.


I felt like Myriam had given Kim K a run for her money in how well she had contoured me, and after putting a boat load of “ ‘ot shot’ on (seriously, ask her to say it, it’s amazing) I was fully restored for my former glory. I honestly felt a zillion times better and looked it as well. I’ll be forever grateful to Myriam for making me feel and look so much better than I felt that evening. I was sent away with a load of testers to try and do the look again which I used this morning. And I have to say I still absolutely love the look, the feel and the way it goes onto my skin. I still used the complexion rescue underneath the foundation because I wanted more coverage but these two products, together or separately are amazing.





Bare Minerals, you were good when I first tried you but now, you’re amazing. I 100% will be buying both products in the very near future. Everyone should go and try the complexion rescue and the foundation out. You won’t regret it. Head into any amazing Bare Minerals counters to try any of the products mentioned and be prepared to glow!

I would love to hear if you have tried it and what you thought! Bare Minerals, thank you, you’re super duper glow getters.


new image*I was kindly invited in for a complimentary make over by Bare Minerals and products were sent to me for review.