I launched The Glow Life!

I launched The Glow Life!

Tuesday marked a momentus occasion for me. I’d had an idea in my head for so long that I knew would help people but I was a little scared to put it out there. I told a few people about it and they didn’t think it would work but the idea wouldn’t leave me, so I kept developing it in my head. So when I ended up moving back to the UK, I thought it might be a little sign to give the idea a go.

Why bother with the idea?

Well, here is my why. I’ve always wanted to empower women to make informed choices in their lives, to help them glow inside and out. And whilst I love green beauty, I knew that just putting some nice natural products on your face was never going to give you that complete glow I always talk about.

So my idea was to approach glowing from a holistic view.

Because it’s about what you eat, think, move, use and do that *really* gives you that glow from the inside and out.

I always found one person talking about food to get the glow, or beauty, or going after what lights you up. But I could never find one person saying, ‘it’s everything, babe’, which is what I believed in. So I created it myself.

The Glow Life is a six week online course dedicated to looking at the key areas of your life that really can help you glow. They are:

What You Eat;
What You Think;
How You Move;
What You Use;
What You Do.

There is nutritionist approved advice, yoga videos, guided visualisations to help with motivation, morning and evening routine help, plus workbooks, printables and more.

I’m *so* excited that I’ve had such great feedback and it blows my mind to think that people have already signed up to the course and have told me they love it!

So if you would like to find out more, then you can click here: http://theglowgetter.co/the-glow-life-course-250

Enrolment is only open for a few days so please get in quick.

Your glow girlie,