I received the Digital Innovation Award from CEW (but I’m celebrating YOU!)

Hey love! This week has been so incredibly special… I’m hugely excited and honoured to have won the Digital Innovation Award from CEW sponsored by Google. 


Digital Innovation Award CEW Achiever Awards 2021


But this isn’t just about me. And it isn’t just about an award. It’s about a promise I made myself in 2015 coming true.  


When the late Geraldine Howard (co-founder of Aromatherapy Associates) won the CEW Achievers Award, I had the utter privilege of speaking to her at the event.


I can’t tell you how inspired I felt after talking to her. So much so that I promised myself at that very moment that I would one day be on stage receiving an award by CEW because I, too, would have created something that had helped others. 


That day was this Monday, November 29th, 2021 and I will forever hold it near and dear. 


But this isn’t a celebration of me. It’s a celebration of every single Indie Beauty Brand out there that’s working hard to transform the beauty industry. 


I see you… 


✨ Carefully formulating products that can work wonders for your customers, making them feel confident, happy and beautiful. 


✨ Choosing organic, healthy and ethically sourced ingredients that consider the environment from every perspective and protect our planet.


Using your brand as a force for good, supporting causes that are important to you and making a positive impact in your community. 


This is for you. 


As is everything I’ve done in the last 2 years. 


Seeing Indie Beauty Brands struggling to get their amazing products out there and in the hands of their ideal customers broke my heart so much. 


Until one day I said enough is enough. I decided I wanted to help these brands get the recognition and profits they deserve by showing them how to effectively market their products.


That’s when The Glow Getter Collective was born. 


And in the last 2 years I’ve been able to help many Indie Beauty Brands go from struggling to break even to having consistent £5K months. 


However, what I love the most is seeing these incredible women shift their mindset and step into their power. 


They come into the membership feeling nervous, overwhelmed and unsure, but soon after they transform into a confident CEO not only of their business but of their lives. 


It honestly sets my soul on fire every single time. 


But if you’re wondering “this is cool, Ailish, but what does this mean for me?”. Well, a lot! 


The Glow Getter is currently a very small business with a miniscule marketing budget. 


That said, winning this award will help so much in spreading the word so that we can reach and support more women to create brands that make a difference. 


My mission is to help over 100 indie beauty brands reach consistent £5K months so they can help create happier people, a healthier planet and purposeful profit. 


Because using products that make you feel good means happier people, buying from brands that consider the environment from every perspective means a healthier planet and supporting small businesses that want to do good means purposeful profit. 


If you’re an indie beauty brand and you want me to help you grow and scale your business, you’re in the right place. 


And… maybe in a few short years you will be the one being recognised for your meaningful contributions to the beauty industry. 


Let’s take the first step in that direction, lovely :0) 


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