How to supercharge your health + mindset every day in small, simple steps

How to supercharge your health + mindset every day in small, simple steps

I’m all about health hacking. If I can supercharge my health in a way that is quick, simple and I was going to be doing that thing already anyway, well, why wouldn’t I do it?

So when a new health hack comes my way, I’m all into it. I’ve got a few that have really helped my fitness, my mindset and my overall health so I thought I would share them with you in a bid to help you also be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself too.

Subliminal Audio’s.

OK, I know this sounds super woo-woo and it is for the most part, but stick with me and keep an open mind. The human mind is divided into two parts; the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind works away when we are awake but the subconscious is always activated, even when we are asleep. Your subconscious mind controls your temperature, your breathing and your heart beating and it also stores and retrieves memories, information and emotions like a huge memory bank and it ensures whatever happens to us; we respond in a way that we have been programmed to based on how we have grown up. So based on years of pre-programming, I like to override some of them that aren’t serving me anymore and listen to subliminal audio. These are basically positive affirmations that are played underneath music or sounds so that you can only just hear them but you mainly hear the music so your conscious brain can’t really anything. I’ve been using Denise Duffield Thomas’s subliminal money meditation all year now whilst I work and it has the sound of waves and music playing and very faintly you can hear affirmations being sent. I like to listen to music whilst in my co-working space to drown out the chatter of everyone else when I need to focus and putting the subliminal meditation on whilst working just helps me reprogram my brain whilst I crack on with my tasks for the day too. It’s a win-win in my eyes and whether you think it works or not doesn’t really matter to me, because it makes me feel good and helps my mindset in a super simple way. I know it’s woo-woo but I love it! Moving onto slightly less hippie things now…

HIIT Training.

I used to be a cardio person. Slow and steady was the aim of my game and it worked, but it also took forever. And then I introduced HIIT training into my routine and it was a game changer. HIIT training works through doing high intensity intervals for shorter periods of time to get the same if not better results. It’s been proven to burn fat faster, burn more calories as you’re working out and after your workout, strengthens your heart, increases oxygen into your body and can lower your blood pressure. With all of those health benefits I decided to give it a try with hill sprints and not only did I love it, it really helps improve my running speed, fitness and overall look and feel of my body. If that isn’t a fitness hack for you, I don’t know what is.

Botanical Water

We all know we need to keep hydrated, but also get ALL of the nutrients, supplements and good things into our bodies to help them perform at their best. One of the easiest ways to do this is through supercharging your water by using botanical blends and my favourite at the moment is the No.1 Rosemary Water new botanical range. Their first product was the rosemary water which admittedly I was a little unsure about because I was used to drinking waters that were flavoured with mint or something sweet, but they was definitely a change! The smell is amazing and the taste is refreshing and yummy. I never thought I would say that I would enjoy drinking rosemary water but I really do! If you are still unsure, let me give you a couple of facts about rosemary. It can help improve digestion, your memory and concentration, as well as help reduce brain ageing, so not only hydrating yourself but supercharging your water with this fab little herb is amazing!

No.1 has just launched a new range of botanicals which they created with the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew to create 10 different flavours of water where the herbs have been extracted in a way that preserves the herbs botanical compounds which means you’ll get the maximum health benefits which drinking the good stuff. The herbs are your regular ones you would find in most waters too. There is meadowsweet, thyme, juniper as well as mint, sage and olive leaf. It’s just a beautiful range, with beautiful packaging and helps you glow inside and out too. Who couldn’t love them?

So those are my three favourite ways to help my health and mindset everyday. What are your favourite ways? I would love to know!