How to keep your hair hydrated all winter long

How to keep your hair hydrated all winter long

If you’re an OG subscriber, then you’ll have seen my hair maintain its bellyage look for sometime now. I used to always have blonde highlights to lift the colour but it was time consuming, costly and I honestly couldn’t be bothered to head to the hairdressers every six weeks to get a touch up. So when I decided to take the plunge and get bellyage done, I instantly loved the colour and it looked cool. That was back in the day when bellyage first came out and everyone had it done.

That was years ago now and I’m still going strong with this look. I don’t think I’ve actually kept my hair the same colour for this many years before and I don’t really intend to change it. I’m seeing the colour as something that’s like a good leather jacket, it’s just not going to go out of style. Mainly because it’s easy to maintain, is low maintenance and gives a little colour and lift when I need it.

The only downside is that the ends need a little bit of love in the form of hydration. That’s where my favourite haircare brand comes to save the day, every day.

Tabitha James Kraan is an incredible lady who has created an incredible range of haircare, that is an experience. It’s not just about creating great products that really help to hydrate your hair, there’s a holistic experience behind each product with the essential oils that are used. You’ll most likely recognise some of the products because I’ve been using them for years now and her recent collection, quite a few months. So let me show you the products I’ve been using on rotation that are helping my hair stay hydrated all year long.

The latest range that has been brought out is the Clean Collection. The Clean Shampoo is pure luxury which helps to detox your hair from a build up of product from styling and is also great for colour treated hair, like mine. What I like about this product is it foams similarly to a conventional shampoo (not as much, but definitely does foam) which is something I think most of us are obsessed with, because we want that satisfaction of feeling like our hair has actually been washed.

The shampoo is scented with organic essential oils such as rose, patchouli, ylang ylang, cedarwood and neroli so the experience when you’re washing your hair is like you’re in a spa. I’ve always said this about TJK’s products because they really do take you to another place when you’re using them. It’s not only food for your hair but also for your soul. You might think that’s a bit cliche, but try the products first and then you’ll see what I mean.

The next product that is the most intense conditioner I think I have ever used, is the Clean Conditioner from the range. Smelling completely different, heavier and slightly bitter but still in the zen spa arena with the same essential oils as well as green tea and burdock, this conditioner is like no other. I apply this to the mid and ends of my hair, leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly and my hair is left super hydrated, nourished and feeling strong. A little tip here: rinse this conditioner and then rinse it again, because it’s so hydrating that it will cling to the hair and if not thoroughly washed off, will feel like your hair is greasy, so don’t be afraid to linger a little longer in the shower with this one!

And finally, my most favourite product from the TJK range is her 4 in 1 conditioner. This product is all singing and dancing. Not only can you use this as a conditioner on it’s own, but you can also use it as a pre-styling product, a post styling product and a scalp cream for when your roots need some extra love as well. This is basically a moisturiser for your hair. I use it everyday after straightening or curling my hair and it really does help my ends to stay hydrated all day long. It has organic rosehip oil, argan oil and coconut oil which are key ingredients to help keep your hair moisturised and looking glossy.

I’ve been styling my hair with the Cloud Nine curling wands recently which have been working like a charm creating big, bouncy waves and using my GHD’s for straightening my hair so the Amber Rose 4 in 1 Conditioner has been helping hugely to maintain the health of my hair.

If you’ve never tried the products, then just go for it. All you need to do is click here and check out the range. Think luxury, pure organic amazingness which will help your hair go from dry to hydrated in no time at all. It’s an investment that will totally be worth it.