Hormonal Acne Skincare Routine

Hormonal Acne Skincare Routine

If you’re an OG subscriber (I love saying OG, makes me feel like I’m cool…I digress), then you’ll know I’ve had a fairly long standing history with the old hormonal acne since I came off the pill about two and a half years ago. It’s been a blinkin’ nightmare to say the least. It robbed me of my self confidence, questioned my ability as someone who ‘knew’ beauty, questioned the ability of natural beauty products and all of the icky stuff in between.

LUCKILY, I was saved by some *key* products after trying pretty much everything I could get my hands on, which I’ve mentioned before (I’ll do a full recap for you though here), but I wanted to do an updated version of this because having hormonal acne is no joke and finding natural and organic skincare that will cure your hormonal acne can be an overwhelming thang.

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So skincare superheroes reveal yourself…!

Cleansers – My original favourite cleanser has to be SkinOwl’s Matcha Cleansing bar. This soap not only last for AN AGE, it helped to dry out the oiliness yet not leave my skin sore. It didn’t irritate it, got all the dirt and makeup off (make sure you double cleanse people) and was also a good all over body wash as well. Basically I love this product and would advise everyone to have it if you’ve got hormonal acne. The next product is the Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleanser for those of you with super dry skin but also hormonal acne. It’s so soft and takes off makeup like a charm, just get a mitt to wash the oils off your skin as water alone won’t do it. This cleanser is so great for me right now as it’s winter and everything is a little drier but generally Jane Scrivner’s whole range is out of the world amazing so check it out here.

Toners – Never would I thought I’d say that the toners below have made the hugest difference in clearing up my hormonal acne. I honestly am blown away by how powerful these products are and would 100% buy them with my own pennies after being sent some to test out. Ayuna’s The Facial in Low and High are some of the best products I’ve ever used on my face. They have ingredients like apple cider vinegar (doesn’t taste or smell great on your skin but hey, it works so who cares!), citric acid, fruit extracts and basically a load of ingredients that perform. It comes out as a liquid and dries like a powder on your face. It instantly makes my skin look clearer, calmer (after day 3 – day 1 & 2 were a little red), and has cleared up scarring, spots and made my complexion look great. I’m obsessed with this product and will rave about it for forever, and then some.

The next toner that is a little more affordable is the Sanoflore Aqua Magnifica essence which initially smelt like mouthwash from it’s minty scent but has helped my skin with any spots, it’s complexion and generally taking any last bits of makeup off too (when I’ve not tried hard enough on the old cleansing part). It’s basically great, I love it and will keep on using it due to seeing an improvement in my skin when I do.

Moisturisers – This product isn’t a moisturiser but I was advised by the owner to use it like one for a month and see what happened. I can now say that it’s a miracle in a bottle. Beauty Whip can be used as a mask, a moisturiser and a primer and it’s the number one product that I would recommend anyone get when struggling with hormonal acne. It’s a wonder product. The difference from starting using it to a month later was INSANE and I’m forever grateful to Annie who owns the company SkinOwl for letting me test it out after seeing me struggle. Start with this and you won’t go far wrong.

The next product I’m loving is the Jane Skrivner Over Oil cream which is bright orange from the rosehip that’s in it and it’s such a gorgeous moisturiser to treat your skin to. Jane has a five step routine which I would recommend checking out as it’s awesome and this product has visibly reduced my scarring and redness on my face.

Masks – there are two masks which I’ve used and now run out of which have been fantastic. The first is Ayuna’s Esscence mask which has some kind of magical powers as whenever I used it, my skin looked and felt amazing afterwards. The second is Josh Rosebrooks Cacao Antioxidant mask which not only smelt amazing but again, made my skin feel all kinds of awesome afterwards and I saw a noticeable difference.

So those are my key products that have helped me along the way. I think they are absolutely incredible and would highly recommend investing. I seriously tried so many brands and these were the only ones that came through for me and cleared up my hormonal acne. I know they can be expensive but stop wasting your money buying cheap products that won’t actually help your skin and try to invest in products that will work hard for you.

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