Herbfarmacy. The British brand that has cult status.

Herbfarmacy. The British brand that has cult status.
Ah Herbfarmacy. What a fabulous brand. And you know it’s fabulous when superstar bloggers like Caroline Hirons rave about their products. And I have to agree with her. The products smell, feel and work amazingly so obviously I wanted to you to know more about the founder, why he set it up and why you need to find out about this amazing brand. Introducing, the fabulous Paul Richards…
What is Herbfarmacy and why did you set it up?
Herbs have been a passion of mine for years! 35 years ago, I bought a plot of land and started to grow organic herbs that I used to sell and make tinctures with, and the business has really grown from there. We’re a homegrown, organic and British company and this year we’re celebrating 10 years of our organic skincare range!
Why should people choose natural/organic beauty products?
I believe organic is a choice and one that I think all consumers should be given. Organic products feed and nourish the skin and we get a great amount of joy from growing the herbs and plants here on our farm, harvesting them and then using those ingredients to make and create each and every single product!
What advice would you give to people who are new to natural/organic beauty?
Find one product that you like and make one small change. Swapping over to organic doesn’t have to be a huge leap, take your time and take things step by step.
Do you have a daily beauty routine, and if so, could you share it with us?
Ha, well I wish I could tell you that I did but the reality is that I’m a farmer and a bit of a bloke. On cold days, I will use on the balms to keep my face protected in the winter, and I love our hand cream after a long day on the farm but for the most part, it’s my wife and family who use and love the products – my passion is in growing the herbs that go into all of our products!
What is the best piece of beauty advice you have ever been given?
To feel comfortable in the skin you’re in. Beauty isn’t about looking a certain way, it’s how you feel about yourself and I hope our customers feel great when they use our products.
What are your top 3 favourite beauty products?
Well our best sellers and the ones customers write to us all the time about are the Mallow Beauty Balm, a multi purpose beauty balm that feeds and replenishes the skin, our Rose and Mallow Facial Oil which is skinfood at its very best – perfect to boost and hydrate the skin and our Rose and Echinacea Toner, great on a hot summers day when you need a refreshing spritz to cool and calm the skin
Can you share some top tips on glowing from the inside (Wellness) and out (skincare & cosmetics)?
Balance is key. Here at Herbfarmacy, we talk about skin food and work on the idea of our products are all designed to feed and nourish the skin with rich plant oils and herbs but the easiest way to get that glow is through balance so feeding your skin AND body with nutrient rich ingredients and foods. Lots of water, essential fatty acids and exercise will also help!
What is the most exciting beauty invention you have seen this year?
That’s a tough one! I think in terms of inventions, I would say I’m most excited by the new cafes and beauty foods and drinks that are launching! We don’t really do gadgets here, a simple muslin is always our go-to as far as ‘tools’ go
What are your plans for Herbfarmacy in the future?
 Well it’s been an exciting few weeks already with our new 10th anniversary rebrand and the new looks launching so we’re excited to get that out there! We’re also working on some exciting new products for new year and more organic goodness for our customers so watch this space…..
Sentences to finish:
I love natural beauty products because… when they’re certified organic, they contain the very best ingredients around
If I could tell my 20 something self, one piece of beauty advice, it would be… Keep out of the sun!
My favourite beauty quote is… ‘Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience’
My favourite beauty resource is… Marshmallow – it’s a source of goodness and goes into almost all of our products
To relax I… go for a walk on our Herefordshire farm and take it all in!