Green Beauty Starter Kit 2018

Green Beauty Starter Kit 2018

Green beauty can be a minefield. There are so many products out there now, which is really amazing in one sense, but totally overwhelming in another! Throw in natural and organic makeup, body care and hair care in there and you just end up using the same products you always have done because it’s easier and a little less scary than taking the risk trying something new. I know this because I used to be like that! I’ve spent thousands figuring out what the best products are for different skin types, tested so many mascaras I’m actually a tad embarrassed but what’s most important is I now know what works super well and what doesn’t, so I can help you cut through the noise and get the best thing for you ASAP.


More of a video person? You can watch my full video on my green beauty starter kit below.



Sensitive Skin –

Hormonal Acne Prone –

Dry Skin – Tailor Skincare –

Dry Skin –

Oily Skin –


Foundation – Ere Perez – RMS Beauty –

Concealer – Hynt Beauty –

Mascara – Eye of Hours – Inika Long Lash Vegan Mascara –

Eyeliner – Inika (use a separate brush) –

Lipstick – Kosas – Karen Murrell –

Eyeshadow – Eye of Horus – Dome Beauty –


Fake Tan – Vita Liberata –

Moisturiser – Evolve Beauty –


Shampoo / Conditioner / Treatment – Tabitha James Kraan –

Dry Shampoo – Tabitha James Kraan –

Heat Protector – Organic Colouring Systems –


These are a handful (well, more than a handful but you get my drift) of my favourite products ever that I turn to, time and time again and I know you will love them and see what they are my favourites once you do try them too.

Tried any of them before? Leave a comment below and let me know which was your favourite and why!