Green Beauty Digital Hangout with Google!


This is one for all the beauty bloggers out there!

As most of you who already know me, and anyone that has spent a little bit of time on my blog (if you never have and it’s the first time you’re seeing it, hurrah! Welcome to my magical space where everything is green and glowing.) you know I heart green beauty. One of my other loves is helping other people which then led me onto badgering a gorgeous girl called Alice who is the Beauty Industry Manager at Google to host an online hangout for green beauty brands and bloggers about what is going on in the digi sphere so we could learn some key things to help move our blogs and brands along. You see, from spending some time in the green world, the brands budgets aren’t like L’Oreal and the green bloggers aren’t (YET) as big as the non green ones so I wanted to give back something to the community that has been SO welcoming and lovely and fabulous to me so maybe this can help them take a step closer to their green beauty dreams, whatever they may be.

Date: Thursday 22nd October 7pm GMT

Location: Online baby!

Cost: Free, free, free!

Details: So, what are Alice and I going to be talking about? Now I could sit and chat firstly with Alice all day and secondly to anyone who will listen about green beauty. BUT, we decided to narrow it down to the four topics below:

  • Top trends in Green Beauty (UK & Worldwide)
  • Brand Busting: Who’s taking the Organic stage
  • Superfoods & Cold Pressed Beauty: Brands taking inspiration from wellness to use in beauty products
  • The future of Organic Beauty

Like I said, it’s totally FREE to hangout with us, all you need to do is CLICK HERE to sign up and get all the hangout details! If you can’t make the hangout then fear not, sign up anyway and there will be a replay link that get’s sent out as well.

I CANNOT WAIT to see you all on the hangout! If you’ve never done one before, then don’t worry at all, it’s super easy, all you do is click on the link On Thursday 22nd October at 7pm (I’ll send you once you’re signed up), watch away and ask questions in the chat box when you want to know more.

Don’t forget to sign up here > > > 

See you very, very soon!

Ailish. 🙂