October 8 - 12th 2018

Natural Beauty, Health & Wellness Summit


What Is The Glow Summit?

The Glow Summit 3.0 is an online clean beauty, wellness and lifesyle event dedicated to helping you glow inside and out. It mixes expert advice with practical solutions on how to live your best life yet, with all of the best tips and tricks and none of the overwhelm, you so can be the best version of yourself.  

The Glow Summit is split up into five key areas; What you eat; What you think; How you move; What you use; and What you do. Experts will be discussing nutrition that's right for you, the best advice for all ages, inspiration for living the life of your dreams, beauty products that actually work, mindfulness and more.  

It's going to be an action packed five days so get excited, it's going to be amazing!  

There are going to be printables, workbooks and more, plus you can watch everything in your yoga pants. 

The. Dream. 

The Glow Experts

Watch the experts give amazing advice, tips and insider tricks to help you live your best life yet. 

Sahara Rose

International Best Selling Author 


Canna Campbell

Author, Financial Planner


Ruby Warrington

Founder, Author


Carly Rowena

Personal Trainer, Blogger


Jo Fairley

Co-Founder Green & Blacks


Chelsea Williams

Nutritional Therapist



Clean Beauty Blogger


Danielle Peazer

Professional Dancer, Influencer


Jessica Sepel



Lucy Sheridan

Life Coach


Rebecca Casciano

Green Makeup Artist


Ailish Lucas

Founder of The Glow Summit


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The glow summit will be sent straight to your inbox so you can watch in your yoga pants. There will be totally cute printables to download, challenges to try out and discussions over on the facebook page for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home! Learn how to glow from the inside and out without having to leave your zen den. Below is the schedule of goodies that will be sent your way once you sign up.  

> Day 1 of The Glow Summit; All about what you eat and how it affects your glow in a massive way > Day 2 of The Glow Summit: How mindfulness and what you think is key to improving your life > Day 3 of The Glow Summit; How moving our bodies is essential to looking good and feeling great > Day 4 of The Glow Summit; The best products to use that actually work, and why using less is best > Day 5 of The Glow Summit; How living life on your own terms is the only way forward  

We can't wait to share all of the natural and organic beauty goodness with you!  

**Times the videos go live will be subject to change. So bear with us sugar!

Hi, I'm Ailish & I created The Glow Summit...

I run a multi award winning natural beauty, health and wellness blog called theglowgetter.co and I'm a personal development junkie. I love learning & I love summits. 

I wanted to attend so many summits where amazing people were speaking but would have had to split myself in three to try and make all of the ones I wanted to go to at the same time. So I decided to create an online summit, where you could learn, for free, from some of the best experts about health, wellness & clean beauty, all from comfort of your own home.


What you can expect from The Glow Summit...

This is what you can expect from The Glow Summit. Here is a snippet from April 2018. 

I can't wait for you to watch The Glow Summit 3.0 Woo hoo!