Getting your skin’s microbiome back in balance with Mother Dirt

Getting your skin’s microbiome back in balance with Mother Dirt

I speak to my tribe of Glow Getters who are signed up to my email list on a daily basis. We talk about skincare, how they are new to green beauty and know a little bit, but would also like to know more and how their skin is causing them issues. One of the main issues that has come through is that acne is a real problem for them. Their skin is out of balance and they don’t know what to do about it. And it’s not only them, but their partners and their children’s skin too.

If you’re new to clean beauty then you may not realise that in conventional beauty products, particularly face wash’s that foam, is an ingredient called SLS or Sodium Laureth Sulfate. What this ingredient does is help make the product foam, take away your makeup but also take absolutely everything from your skin, including the good oils and good bacteria on there. It leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, but not in a good way. Normally it ends up feeling tight, super dry and you’re reaching for any oil you can get your hands on to bring some of that moisture back.

This is why clean beauty is great. Brands that are focused around natural and organic, will never put this ingredient into their skincare so you won’t get that super dry issue but the problem of having no good bacteria left on your skin from the conventional brands still exists. This is where Mother Dirt comes in.

Mother Dirt is a brand that was created to help restore your skins microbiome. They created a product which includes AOB or Ammonia Oxidising Bacteria which helps to restore your skin back to it’s natural state. They believe that this is the first step in helping your skin to become healthy again and I have to agree. I have used their range for a while now and not only do I love it, my friends (and their husbands do too!). The AO Mist is their hero product which have live bacteria (sounds gross, is actually pretty cool) that basically consume the ammonia found on your skin in your sweat and turn it into healthy compounds for your skin (told you it was cool). Think of this as a probiotic for your skin. It uses the bad bacteria, and turns it into good bacteria to help you get your glow back.

They not only have this product, but a face and body cleanser that foams like a conventional product would (remember me talking about SLS?) but doesn’t have any harmful ingredients in it, so it cleanses super well but leaves your skin feel clean without stripping any of the good bacteria away. It has Damascan Rose, apple extract and hydrolysed quinoa to clean and bring moisture to the skin and not only is super effective at getting rid of your makeup, but makes your skin feel great too.

The moisturiser is their third hero product in the range, which feels more like a serum to me but doesn’t leave a greasy feeling afterwards and you’re encouraged to only use one pump, because a little really does go a long way. What I love about the range is that it’s designed not just for your face, but for your body as well. So the AO mist can be used on your underarms to help turn the sweat into good bacteria during the day, it can be used after a workout if you’ve not had time to shower and you can use it as a setting spray after you’ve put your makeup on!

Mother Dirt is a unisex brand and one of my friends husbands actually is a convert to the brand after I introduced him to it, which was an absolute win in my eyes! So why not give Mother Dirt a go and get your skin back in balance?

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