Formula Botanica Graduate Box Review

Formula Botanica Graduate Box Review

Formula Botanica is a pretty special company. They teach everyday peeps like you and I to create something special. That special thing being *incredible* natural and organic beauty. They are an accredited online learning school in organic cosmetic science and they also help your dreams come true. You see when you take your first step into the world of natural and organic beauty, it’s a pretty daunting place to be. You need to learn about ingredients, what actually works for different skin types, what’s going to make your idea stand out from the crowd and how you’re going to get real results for your customers. It’s no mean feat. Luckily, Formula Botanica have some incredible experience in turning ideas into reality and have helped to nuture some of the best natural brands out there at the moment.

The support you get from them on your journey of creating your very own natural brand is second to none and now with the launch of their brand new graduate box, the support just keeps on coming. As you can probably tell, I’m a rather huge fan of Formula Botanica and what they are trying to achieve. So when they asked to partner with me to review their amazing grad box they have just launched, I was honoured and totally excited to get involved.

So, what amazing brands have actually come out of FB I hear you ask? Let’s start with Lil Fox.

Alexis Rose from Miami had an idea. She wanted to create an experience where you brought the spa home through using luxury botanical ingredients like rhassoul clay, bamboo charcoal, raw cacao and marshmallow. And so she created Lil Fox. It’s a beautiful brand; trendy, cool, and performs *super* well. I talk more about the brand and the key product in the graduate box as part of my YouTube video below, so definitely check it out.

The next brand is Skin Dewi. Not only is this brand in Jakarta (er, so cool) but using the Lil Fox product and this one together creates such a powerhouse for your skin and produces incredible results. Dewi (the founder) was previously a chemical engineer so took a decidedly scientific approach to creating her skincare range. Ingredients like rosehip oil, kakadu plum, vitamin C and licorice were intentionally placed into her skin brightening vit. c treatment to ensure you get maximum results. You can see the product and how it looks on the skin in my video so have a look. It’s utterly amazing.

The next brand that was included was a new one for me called Okoko Cosmetiques. Their luxury brand has redefined what a multipurpose balm is. Bright orange in colour, incredible hydrating and packed with powerhouse ingredients such as tomato seed oil, carrot seed oil, kokum seed butter create a beautiful balm that absolutely should be a staple in your bag. It’s hydrating, soothing, smoothing and brightening. Basically ALL of the things.

The next brand is Metta Skincare’s Body Oil which is a conscious beauty range that was created so you could not only look after your skin but also ensure you were taking the environment into account as well. They have created relationships with local producers who farm their produce sustainably and have created such a lovely product range. Have a look at the cute packaging in the video!

And last but by no means least is the amazing Jalue. Jalue have drawn inspiration from Russian tradition who use cryotherapy as a treatment for the face to help with fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and for me personally, my acne. It’s helped reduce the swelling and has been an amazing addition to my skincare routine, especially with the lovely warm weather! You can see how to use it in the video. It’s so fun and is definitely something to try!

So as you can see, Formula Botanica are onto something big. Big and special and I’m so excited that I can be part of it in some small way by partnering with them for this video and blog post. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the products and which were your favourite! I’d love to know!

With thanks to Formula Botanica for sponsoring this post and video.