Fitness First & The Glow Getter = A very sweaty glow.

I love the gym. It’s fun (most of the time), it makes me feel like super woman after I’ve been and once I’m in a routine, I feel fitter, lighter and good about myself. It really does make me glow from the inside and out. So when Fitness First asked me to come along to try out their gym in Tottenham Court Road, it was an easy yes. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go and have a PT session there?


Most of you in the UK know who fitness first are, but what you’d be surprised about, is the Tottenham Court Road gym has space. And a lot of it. It’s so nice to walk into a gym in London and not feel like you’re walking into a prison cell and not alone that, feel like you’re known there. That’s how it is at the TCR branch. It’s light, friendly, busy and feels like a community.


So what did I get up to? I was invited to have a personal training session with a great trainer called Randy. We went through a sequence of exercises that only required a medicine ball and some hand weights and OMG, I nearly died trying to finish them towards the end. To say I had a glow, was an understatement! These exercises were like Kayla Itsines exercises; you think they are going to be easy to do, you get half way though and then nearly fall over because your body is in an utter state of shock from what has just happened to it!

Here’s a sweaty pic of┬áme having just finished my workout. I totes have the glow here. An extremely sweaty glow.


And here’s the equipment I used.


So if you’re thinking about heading down to Fitness First, TCR, then I’d highly recommend it. It was such an amazing gym and I’m so thankful they invited me along. Now, where is the Stanner Stair Lift for me to use for the next week…?

Thanks so much for inviting me down Fitness First! I’m really very honoured.

glow guide updated pic