Embrace the suck to ensure your natural beauty brand is a success.

Embrace the suck to ensure your natural beauty brand is a success

There’s a saying one of my favourite personal development teachers uses all the time. It’s short, to the point and makes me smile and take that next step forward. 

It’s ‘embrace the suck’. 

Why am I telling you this? Firstly, what you’re trying to create with your natural beauty brand is hard. It’s exciting and a real adventure, but it’s also H-A-R-D. 

We so desperately want to be successful and have this amazing brand that is stocked everywhere with a large following and people buying our products non stop. But firstly, we have to embrace the suck to get there. And here’s why. 

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1 – What is the actual vision that’s right for YOU? 

I ask you this, because whenever I speak to new clients about their vision for the brand, they actually don’t really know. They say they want it to be successful, but when I drill a little deeper, they can’t answer the questions. Questions like how many products they want to sell, the revenue goal they want to have for the business, do those two figures match up, and what’s the personal mission they have for themselves.

You need to know these hard questions to get clarity on where you want to go and why you want to do it all, which can feel hard at first. You sometimes don’t want to get lost in the nitty gritty of the figures, you just want it to be magical and fun, right?! 

If you can get clear on your vision and goals and get real with yourself about what you’ve been neglecting, you can then move forward to make those things happen. You realise what knowledge you’re missing, you can look to learn, get help and then implement it. So make sure you know where you’re going, or anywhere will take you somewhere. (PS This is the first training I ensure all new brands do in my Members Community)

2 – If your vision came true right now, would you be prepared for it? 

I know when we look at our sales and the figures aren’t showing what you want them to, the panic sets in, because the costs are going out and you’re sat there, thinking ‘argh, if only there would be thousands of people buying from me’!

Let me ask you this. Would you be ready financially, organisationally, production wise? Could your website and hosting cope with the demand? Could your logistics cope with it all? Are YOU the logistics and the customer service and the sales and the tech support? 

If you are that’s totally fine, but you need to go through the rough patches of learning where things are falling apart first, what are the areas that need straightening up, what isn’t right that needs fixing before you can then level up to take the next step. 

If you start running before you walk, then you’re just going to end up annoying a whole heap of customers before you’ve even begun, then they will remember having a bad experience with you and won’t come back. And even worse, tell other people about that bad experience. 

So look at all the areas and ask yourself honestly, if you were a new customer, would you buy from you? 

3 – Stop asking other people for directions that aren’t going in your direction. Because their advice could make things suck even worse.

We’ve all been there. We’ve asked our friends, family and loved ones what they thought of our website and they’ve come back with ‘it looks great, well done’. You only then find out six months down the line when you say you’re changing it because it’s not working, that they actually thought it wasn’t great but ‘didn’t want to hurt your feelings’. You need to get professional help to ensure you’re doing things right the first time. It’s all good and well getting feedback, but if it’s only from people around you who know nothing about the industry, haven’t been where you are before and haven’t set up a business before, then stop asking them. And start taking yourself and your business seriously enough to get professional advice. And not just from a web designer. They know how to make things look pretty but not always know how to ensure that your website converts like hot cakes. 

This is what happened to one of my clients. Then she started working with me, we re-did her website the way I recommended and she went from earning £900 a month to consistently £10,000 per month. That’s the difference between asking your friends and paying for the right help because you believe in your business. 

So embrace the suck.

Embrace it being hard and you having to learn those lessons off the outset, because when we do learn things the hard way, we grow. And life and business are about growing, understanding and growing more, so when we are at the stage where things are successful, we have the experience to deal with whatever new challenges are thrown at us. So embrace it being a bit rubbish first of all and the sales not coming through. It’s an opportunity to make changes now that don’t affect your business later on. Embrace the suck. Learn, implement and then thrive. 

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