5 tips for detoxing your makeup bag for 2017.

5 tips for detoxing your makeup bag for 2017.

I won’t be dieting for 2017. I won’t be committing to going to the gym everyday. I will be committing to putting myself first and I will also be committing to reviewing and detoxing my makeup bag again. Even if I only have green beauty products in there, it’s still great to review, refresh and renew from time to time.

If you’ve never done this before, then it’s actually easier than you think. When I first started “going green”, I did it gradually and one product at a time. I don’t think I know that many people that threw everything they had that wasn’t green out and started from scratch as it’s pretty expensive. So listed below are 5 top tips on how to detox your makeup bag, without spending a fortune.

1). Get clear on what ingredients you need to avoid. I’ve provided a list here so it’s easy for you. You can also check out the EWG skindeep database and search for your makeup products in there. Simples.

2). Grab your makeup products and start searching, reviewing the ingredients and most importantly, deciding on what you’re prepared to make a change on and what you’re not. If you desperately love and can’t be departed from your Lancome Hypnose mascara, then don’t worry about changing it for the time being. Mascara was actually the last thing I changed over because I loved it so much. It needs to work for you.

3). Throw out what you don’t want to use anymore andĀ feel smug that you’re in control of your life. Kinda.

4). Review all of the products on this FREE printable I made for you, so it takes the trouble out of looking for new ones.

5). Wait for the products that you’ve ordered and feel amazing that you’ve taken your commitment of putting yourself and your health first. Roll on the rest of 2017 being amazing.

6). Because I love you, here’s my glow guide that you can use to detox your skincare if you want to too. Don’t say I never do anything for you. BIG love.