Coaching Questions To Ask Yourself Half Way Through The Year.

We are nearly half way through the  year. YIKES. 

2020 has so far been an emotional rollercoaster. This pandemic has also left a lot of us scared out of wits with what the best action to take is and the next steps forward are. Some of us have doubled down and others have hidden under blankets. 

You gotta do you and we all get that. But now in the UK lockdown is starting to ease and this means we now have 6 months of the year to get going on what we want to achieve. Let’s not write 2020 off just yet. Why don’t we see if we can make the next 6 months of the year the most magical that they could be?! 

So here are a few coaching questions questions to ask yourself. 

1 – Where do I want to be by 31st December 2020? 

2 – How do I want to feel? 

3 – What will make me feel proud if I will have achieved it? 

4 – How can I make sure I’ve achieved it? 

5 – Who can help me achieve it?

Tony Robbins always says, ask better questions and you’ll get better answers‘. Another nugget of wisdom he says is also ‘your problems are not down to a lack of resources, it’s down to a lack of resourcefulness’. Think about that for a second. Yes, things might be more tricky than you may have anticipated right now, but also, this could be your greatest opportunity. 

This is a call to say, just because things get tricky doesn’t mean that you can’t do them. If you really want to find a way then you will. You need to look that situation in the eye, give it a wink and then march straight through. Because the only way out is through the fear. Not over. Not under. THROUGH. So what are you most afraid of with making your natural beauty brand the success you truly want it to be? 

Ask yourself honestly. And then think, HOW can I make my dreams come true? Let’s lose the fear, get excited and start to make plans on how to achieve those dreams. Because when we get to work, they really can come true. Come and check out the membership options with me here.

This is the final call on my group coaching programme which is starting 29th May. If you would like to be part of it then book in for a call with me TOMORROW or Thursday and let’s get making your dreams a reality. Book in here >


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