Below you’ll find some certifications that when you see their logo, you’ll know that product has a certain standard by which it’s produced so you can rest assured, they won’t have those nasties we dislike in them!

How does certification work?
Each body has a set of guidelines that a product and manufacturer needs to meet so that it can be certified natural and/or organic.
Most guidelines will have the below in common:
No nasty animal testing
No ingredients derived from an animal unless it is produced without harm to the animal such as beeswax
No nasty GM ingredients
A review of how the the ingredients have been grown, harvested and derived
A review of the packing and it’s eco impact.

This is a UK body set up to stabilise organic standards across the cosmetics, food and farming industries. If a product has the Soil Association stamp on the label then at least 71% of the ingredients are certified organic. If the level reaches 95% then the product can be labelled as ‘Organic’.

An organic certification organisation set up in France but which operates globally. To achieve this certification a product must adhere to a list of ingredient guidelines and must contain a minimum of 95% vegetable and natural ingredients, a minimum of 10% organic ingredients (from the total of the 95% natural and vegetable ingredients) and only 5% maximum synthetic ingredients, that are not included in the negative list.


This is the non-profit Association of Industries and Trading Firms for pharmaceuticals, health care products, food supplements and personal hygiene which issues comprehensive guidelines for certified natural cosmetics. Products marked with the BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics seal use natural raw material from controlled biological cultivation or wild collection.


An international non-profit association whose goal is to promote and protect natural beauty and skin care products. The Natrue label is a guarantee that the product you buy is certified to be as natural as it can be.


The Vegan Society was established in 1944 in England. To be Vegan Society Approved a product must be free from animal ingredients or materials derived from meat, fish, animals’ milk, egg or honey, or any other animal-derived substances such as gelatine. The product and its ingredients must have not been tested on animals.


COSMOS is the first European Harmonized Standard for organic beauty created by the first five EU organic beauty certifiers listed above (excluding the vegan society_. COSMOS is a cosmetic standard for organic and natural ingredients. Limited synthetics are allowed in the “Organic” and “Natural” standard for some product types. Excludes minerals in calculation of organic content. Logo is as as the five certifiers with the addition of the COSMOS stamp.
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