Calm-Down Kefir – THE new product to try

Calm-Down Kefir – THE new product to try

When The chuckling Goat sends you a package. You get excited. Especially when it’s a new product launch. I’d known about this launch for a little bit, and admittedly was a little dubious, I mean, kefir is an interesting ingredient, I’ll give you that. But as I opened the box, the overarching smell of lavender made my shoulders drop, James’s mum rush over to see what the amazing smell was and me instantly get protective over my products.

This is the thing. They smell heavenly, you can see results almost instantaneously, and mums across the world (proven – my amazing mum in the UK adores this brand, and James’ mum in NZ is currently trying to steal them from me. Therefore, the statement, ‘mums across the world’, is totes proven) absolutely love them.

If you haven’t heard about kefir, then ladyzzzzzz, you need to. Now it sounds a little gross, I mean, fermented goats milk anyone?! Nope, didn’t think so. But when you start to read about the healing properties, especially for people prone to eczema and acne, then you start to take notice, a lot more.

Let me take you back to my own journey with The Chuckling Goat. I agreed to try their 3 week kefir detox a while ago and first off, it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tried. I am a wuss with this sort of thing and if it doesn’t please my tastebuds, then I’m outta there. But I decided to stick with this detox because I said I would and my eczema was playing up on my legs. I wanted to see if it actually made any difference. Fast forward three weeks after having ‘the gross juice’ everyday and there was not a spot of eczema to be seen. I only WISH I had taken some before and after photos to show you on here because I was gobsmacked. I’m not the only one who this has happened to by the way. Just go onto their facebook page and see all the other amazing reviews from people who have given it to their children, parents and grannies and had amazing results.

So, I became a believer. And you should to.

The skincare range is seriously great. The bath salt melts are incredible, the cleansing bars smell heavenly and the kefir lotion, extremely moisturising. So I encourage you to try it. And get your mum some for mothers day.

I’ve even got a little voucher code for you to get 10% off (exc. shipping) if you want to treat your mum (or yourself!) to some pampering. Use the code: TheGlowGetter10 and shop away!

Definitely try the calm-down kefir range though, the scents are seriously relaxing and I literally cannot wait to jump in the bath with one of the melts this evening. Because I’m worth it.

*I am proudly working with The Chuckling Goat on a project at the mo, but these products were sent separately for me to review and I will always, 100%, without a doubt, give my honest opinion about a product. Because my readers are my lifeline. And they rock.

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