Beauty Heroes and Josh Rosebrook. A match made in heaven.

Beauty Heroes and Josh Rosebrook. A match made in heaven.

I feel like all you need to know is the title here. Like, those two brands are two of my all-time favourites and you know, we are on great terms now so you know when I make a deal out of something there is a reason for it. THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

Ok, enough with the capitals, but just in case you weren’t sure how much I love these two brands, well, now you know.

Josh Rosebrook is a creator of magical mystery products that make your skin feel amazing and your heart (and nose) sing with delight when you smell his products. They smell incredible (think a beautiful light, sweet scent that isn’t your natural, organic smell) and the clean lines packaging is just a delight to have in your bathroom on show. The two products that were chosen for this month’s Beauty Heroes box were the Nutrient Day Cream and the Vital Balm Cream. Both are absolutely delicious.

The nutrient day cream includes an SPF of 30 and has incredible ingredients, such as and in no particular order:

Green Tea
Hemp Oil
Jojoba Oil
Rose Hips
Sea Buckthorn Oil
St. John’s Wort

The benefits include calming the skin, soothing it, helping with fine lines, repairing the skin and cooling it from irritation. And my oh my, I love it. It’s thick, luxurious and hydrates my winter skin amazingly. Because let’s not forget, whilst you’re all enjoying summer, I’m in New Zealand freezing my bottom off. Cryotherapy anyone?!

Moving onto the beautiful blue balm that is one of Josh’s latest creations. It’s just beautiful. It smells divine, goes on like a charm and I carry it with me wherever I go. I really just want one of everything from Josh Rosebrook and I’m working on making that happen. His products are literally one of my favourite brands ever and whilst they are expensive, I really do feel like they are worth it.

Luckily with Beauty Heroes box this month you can get them at a fraction of the price! Just sign up here to get the box:

So there you have it. Beautiful. Amazing. Would 100% recommend the products and the discovery box. Do it. You won’t regret it.

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