Beauty Heroes: Emotive Makeup You Need In Your Life.

Beauty Heroes: Emotive Makeup You Need In Your Life.

“Your mind is in every cell of your body.” ~ Candace Pert

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OOH I love a good makeup collab. And when Beauty Heroes and Modern Minerals got together to create an amazing Beauty Heroes box, I got super excited. You see, this isn’t any makeup collection and any discovery box. It’s a massive leap into creating a world where loving yourself is OK and expressing yourself with makeup is an art form.

Here’s an except from the Modern Minerals website who explain what I’m trying to convey way better than I could ever explain!

“We believe beauty is whole, and interconnected, and that our emotive qualities are reflected in our physical features.  With mindful moods, we can empower ourselves by making thoughtful choices and living gracefully on this earth.   Emotive makeup evokes feelings of compassion, love, happiness and bliss, so that all of that loveliness can be your best face forward.”

Doesn’t that just sound amazing?


The Modern Minerals colour collection is infused with Lotus Wei gem and flower essences, silky coconut and a touch of rose to uplift and awaken positivity while minimising the effects of negative emotions. And I have to say, the colours chosen are the PRETTIEST colours ever! I loved them so much and the rose quartz eyeshadow is seriously amazing. So much so, I’ve just recorded a YouTube video for y’ll to see how it looks. I’ll be sure to let you know once it’s up, I’m hoping in the next few days!

You can buy Modern Minerals from the Beauty Heroes site here > and you can also subscribe to their discovery boxes here > I’d HIGHLY recommend it. But I’m an ambassador and you know, I’m in love with everything this company does, so I’m always going to say to subscribe. Because you won’t be disappointed.