Beauty Heroes: the best 2017 gift you could give to yourself

Beauty Heroes: the best 2017 gift you could give to yourself

As you know I’ve been away from NZ for a little while, which has meant that I’ve not been getting my Beauty Heroes boxes for you to read about. I’ve missed them you see, as they are the highlight of my month when i receive them, like a birthday gift to myself every month. Like giving yourself flowers, but they last way longer, like months longer. So I need to update you on what you can get, if you subscribe to the discovery box as the whole of last year, I didn’t once not like a product. I feel like that’s a pretty impressive statement. Mainly because I’m one picky lady when it comes to skincare, bodycare and makeup but is also testament to Jeannie Jarnot, the founder of Beauty Heroes and how amazing she is as spotting an awesome beauty product when she sees it.

So, without further ado, here are the last couple of discovery boxes that Beauty Heroes has been dishing out to its customers. They are amazing. So get ready.

December –

mun beauty heroes

Image: Beauty Heroes

This discovery was amazing, like really amazing. If an oil cleanser and a cream cleanser had babies, this would be it. Akwi is Mun’s first facial cleanser and I must say, I’d be particularly proud of myself if this was my first cleanser I’d created. It’s absolutely beautiful. It contains organic castor seed and rice bran oil which are great at purifying the skin and dissolving any makeup or dirt as well are argan and camellia seed to soften the skin and protect it. Waterproof makeup isn’t an issue for this cleanser either due to the oils in it gently dissolving that difficult mascara you might have been wearing, so it’s an absolute dream to use.

It feels silky on the skin, is super effective but so gentle as well which is why, when I left this behind, by accident at a relatives, I was genuinely upset. I adored this cleanser and will absolutely buy it.

The sidekick was Mun’s Ikeuchi Organic Cleansing Towel which is thick, luxurious and took away any last traces of makeup perfectly. It was a good deal thicker than any other facial cloth I’ve used (hence the name ‘towel’!) and I quite liked this as it just felt more like an experience rather than routine. Ikeuchi Organics, a linen manufacturer that wind weaves organic cotton, bamboo and compostable rayon towels in Imabari, Japan helped to create the towel and they also used low impact blue dyes with a wave pattern that represents that of the Seto Inland Sea, the waterway connecting the Pacific Ocean to Japan. How cool is that?! I just absolutely love it when there’s a story behind something. And this is why I love Mun and Beauty Heroes so much. Where else would so much thought, time and effort have gone into a cleansing towel?! Just so so cool.


13th Beauty Discovery – Kahina Giving Beauty 

Beauty Heroes being Beauty Heroes pride themselves on delighting their customers. I don’t say that because I’m an ambassador, I say that as a customer myself. Jeannie and her team decided to surprise everyone and create a totally different discover box that I’ve never seen before.

Beldi soap. Ever heard of it? Nope, nor me. Saponified. Heard of that too? Nope, me neither.

So, obviously I did a little research into what it was so I could explain it to you. Beldi soap is saponified (when two ingredients come together and a chemical reaction occurs because one is a vegetable fat and the other is a stong alkali) olive oil and either rose or eucalyptus oil (there are two options you can choose from – I have the rose version) and it forms a jelly like substance with an amazing aroma. A kessa mit (exfoliating mitt) came with the soap which helps to exfoliate your body for a truly luxury experience. Just imagine your daily shower with those two products in there. Wouldn’t you feel like a queen?! I certainly did.

The sidekick – Essaouria Body Serum

This beautiful little back bottle left it’s mark on me. The blends of first pressed organic argan, sunflower, olive, coconut and watermelon seed oils have brought my dry, flying-too-much skin back to life. The scent is fresh yet relaxing and it felt like such a treat putting this on after a shower.

The brand really brings makes the mundane, a luxury experience. It made me feel like I was really taking care of my body and putting myself first. I don’t think that’s ever happened before with body products. And for that, I rate Kahina Kessa Beauty as one of my all time favourites for body care.

You can’t now get these boxes but you can buy the products from Beauty Heroes and I would absolutely recommend that you do. You only have to read the other reviews on these products to know I’m not over sensationalising them in any way at all. So check them out here.

Beauty Heroes, 2016 was an incredible year for you. I’m beyond honoured to be part of your circle of ambassadors. Thank you for being truly incredible.