Beauty Heroes – my super powered subscription box

Beauty Heroes – my super powered subscription box

Beauty Heroes. O.M.G

That is all.  

Jokes. But seriously, this subscription box is super exciting. Let me start at the beginning before I get overexcited and spontaneously combust into tiny particles of magic fairy dust.

I had seen a few bloggers talking about this awesome beauty box subscription that seemed way better than the rest. It was an amazing price, the packaging was totally cute and it had cute little handouts that you could take with you shopping to check ingredient labels. So naturally, I was a little inquisitive and wanted to find out some more. And as luck would have it, I ended up chatting to the founder of Beauty Heroes one morning and absolutely fell in love with her brand.

Jeannie is the founder of the uh-mazing subscription box; Beauty Heroes, where the products feature no villains and contain all super powers. And they really do. I was ever so kindly sent a box to try and fell in love instantly. The products are worth a lot more than the subscription price and contain one full size product and one sample size of the same brand for you to try. This month featured the Pacific Exfoliating Moisture Mask, plus a cute little face oil for you to try as well.

beauty heroes 2

When you put the mask on, it starts to tingle slightly as the amazing super-power ingredients get to work. You leave it on for a few minutes and then wash off and you really can feel the difference! I love how it exfoliates as well as gives moisture to the skin because I had previously developed some funky forehead rash from trying some other exfoliators and my forehead turned into some lumpy, dry mass of skin that I needed to get under control. The mask did just that and helped get rid of the dry skin but also give some moisture to the areas it needed to as well. So overall, a winner! The oil that was with the mask was also super lovely, almost a rose gold colour which delighted me greatly and went on like a charm. I’m such a fan of oils and this ticked all of my boxes.

I think this is an amazing subscription box. I cannot wait for it to arrive every month and I think it would be the best present for anyone wanting to try out some new, ab-fab products. Go buy it.

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