Beautiful Because – My New Favourite Place To Shop

Beautiful Because – My New Favourite Place To Shop

There are some amazing businesses out there that really want to help spread the word about green beauty and I knew all of those amazing people in the UK, but when I moved to New Zealand, I was a little lost.

Who would I order from? Where would I get samples? Would they provide the products I really wanted or were they going to play it small and safe?

Then I came across Beautiful Because. This fabulous company is based in Australia, provide an amazing sampling programme and awesome products. Need I say more?


Well, yes. I do need to say more. Mainly because it’s *so* hard to try and get the right shade of foundation when you’re looking for a new, healthy and natural type of product, that you can’t walk into a shop on the high street and just test. Throw into the mix living in Wellington, New Zealand and to be honest, it makes it even harder. There is Mecca but it doesn’t sell the brands that I want to test because they are either too niche or too small. So when I found a company not too far away from NZ (no small feat), who also offered a really reasonable sampling service, I was so impressed.

Finding your perfect foundation is, as you’ll well know, extremely hard to do. The descriptions are pretty poop, I’m still never 100% sure what my skin colour is, no matter how many foundations I’ve tried and I don’t want to spend a fortune on a product that I can’t test first to see if it works with my skin.


Enter Beautiful Because. It’s such a simple but clever idea. You pay $12.50 (NZD) and you get three samples of whatever you want. It arrives super quickly and you have enough in each sample to get about two uses out of each one. I think that’s pretty amazing. Especially because I chose the wrong colour for my skin so ordered a couple more before deciding on the colour that I liked and then going with that one.

It’s just so simple and works so well. I ended up being sent by Beautiful Because the Gressa Skin and Kjaer Weis foundations which I’m totally in love with and the colouring works super well. Hurrah!

So, my lovely peeps…who is going to try them next?

Not sponsored, just wanting to send some love because I’m seriously impressed with them. Beautiful Because did send me two foundations to trial as full disclosure.

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