A Life Update

A Life Update

I haven’t done one of these since I got back from New Zealand and that is coming on five to six months ago. I can’t believe how quickly the time is going and I would like it to slow down a little but also speed up at the same time. I realise that’s contradictory but you know when you have those goals you want to achieve and wish you’d gotten there already but at the same time your days are flying by so quickly you need them to slow down so you can actually do the work to achieve those goals?! Just writing that made me out of breath.

So I wanted to do a little chat over on my YouTube channel because I get asked about a lot of different things so thought it might be nice to address some of them with a cup of tea and a cosy jumper on. There’s an update on what’s been going on over the last five months, where the hormonal acne situation is at, where I’m thinking about living and some other bits and bobs thrown in. I also launched The Glow Life course again which I’m excited about along with some personal lifestyle coaching sessions that go alongside the course for those that really wanted me to officially launch them.

I’m so excited for the next few months. There are lots of things on my to-do list that I want to achieve and I’m not sure how they are actually going to happen yet but I have that excited, fluttering feeling in my tummy (no, not the pregnant one all my friends seem to get, there is no baby glow getter in the making) that things will work out. So please send me some good work vibes so I can maintain focus and create amazing things for you.

But instead of reading for hours about what’s been going on in my life, why not have a watch of the video so you can relax a little more?

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