5 Ways to Market your Natural Organic Beauty Products on Social Media.

5 ways to market your natural organic beauty products on social media using marketing and social media strategy that is simple and really works.

It starts off harmlessly. You open instagram and you’re about to post a picture but first look at your follower number and to see if anyone has liked any pictures of your beauty brand. Then all of a sudden it’s 30 minutes later and you’re in despair. You’re on another clean beauty brands account and they have thousands of followers, beautiful pictures, and people commenting and liking on everything. 

‘HOW do they do it?!’ You think. You start to feel overwhelmed, defeated and like you’ll never crack ‘this social media thing’. 

You stare at your account and think what you were going to say was rubbish anyway, so you don’t post. The picture is blurry, you’re not too sure what to say anyhow and you’ll probably only get two likes, so what’s the point?

I get it. We’ve all had a case of comparitonitis before and it can be hard to snap yourself out of it sometimes when you see someone else with exactly what you want. So let’s get some things straight on how to market your beauty products on social media, so you can generate more followers and engagement which will lead to sales. 

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1 – Think about your dream target audience

This is the unsexy work that I always talk about in my free facebook group, my membership community and every time I speak to someone about marketing your natural beauty brand. We love to jump straight to thinking we need to have an instagram account as that’s what everyone else is doing, so we buy our handle and then are stumped on what to post on there. So we do it sporadically, and don’t get much traction. 

But we never consider where our dream target audience is actually hanging out. What do you know about them? What are their likes and dislikes? Where do they hang out? 

If you’re thinking to yourself that your dream target audience is ‘between 25-65’ then you’re doing it wrong. Because a 25 year old has very different needs, wants and ways of acting on social media than a 65 year old does. 

So think about who they are a little more so you can be on the social media channel that they are on. 

2 – What is the problem you’re solving?

What is the problem that you’re solving for your dream target audience? And not just from a ‘sensitive skin’ perspective. Go deeper than that. If someone suffers from sensitive skin, how does that make them feel? 

If you can understand your dream target audience from an emotional perspective, then you can start to talk to them about the problem and how you’re the solution. 

If people feel understood, then they are more likely to start paying attention to you because you know how they feel, so therefore, your products are going to resonate with them. 

If you’re not talking about how you’re going to help them, then why should they part with their hard earned pennies to buy your product? It’s their money after all, and just because you’ve created some products, doesn’t mean that they should automatically buy them. 

3 – Be a community member. 

Instagram, youtube, facebook, twitter, linkedin etc are all platforms that are COMMUNITIES. Are you truly being a community member on there? Because if you’re not then you need to be. It’s not enough to just post an image, put some copy and then disappear for another day or two. You need to be on your chosen social media channel and taking part in what’s going on, starting conversations, liking and commenting on other brands and people’s accounts. 

If you’re ‘posting and ghosting’ then you’re not going to get too far, so be a community member and take part. It can be as simple as choosing 30 minutes a day to engage with others on there and it will start to pay off. 


4 – Jab, jab, jab, right hook. 

If you’ve ever heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, he talks about the idea of giving, giving, giving, asking, giving. Stop using every post to say ‘buy my product’ and start using your account to give value, interact, and be a positive presence online. 

5 – Be consistent. 

Ah the ‘C’ word. Consistency in business is where the magic happens. If you can be consistent with showing up daily to your social media channel, then you can build an audience a lot quicker. So try not to post sporadically and start to show up daily for your audience. Think they don’t notice when you disappear? They do. So start coming online once a day to provide value for your dream target audience and get consistent with your actions. It will pay off. 

You’ll notice that much of what I said isn’t about how to create the perfect picture or write the perfect caption. And that’s because there is no perfect post. Everyone starts from zero and learns along the way. But if you can get the above basics right, then you won’t go far wrong with marketing your beauty products on social media to create engagement, an audience and to grow your revenue. 

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