Henna Brow Tinting

Henna Brow Tinting

A while back I went to get henna brow tinting done. I’d already had my eyebrows microbladed but they had faded *so* much due to my hormonal acne and my skin being the oiliest it had ever been. So, when I was living in Wellington, New Zealand, I went to try it out at a place called Off and On in Wellington. Now I realise this was a while back that I got it done but it seems you lovely lot are super interested what happens, all 22,000 of you. So in case you missed it, then here’s my experience of henna brow tinting and how it happens.

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From an ingredient perspective, there was one ingredient that was rated a 6 on the EWG scale which I would have preferred not to be in there, BUT, the rest of the ingredients were fine. It also lasted around three weeks which I was impressed about and the ingredients are better than a normal tint so overall I thought it was fantastic. I’m still struggling to find a decent place in the UK now that does henna tinting but as soon as I do, I’ll book in so I can do a review!


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